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Restoring Domestic Horse Slaughter

Final ag appropriations language did not include horse inspection riders.

Published on: Nov 24, 2011

Language that ended domestic horse slaughter and processing in the United States was stripped from the Ag Appropriations bill approved by Congress as part of a larger spending package.

Dave Duquette, President of the United Horsemen's group, says there were no riders prohibiting the inspection of horse meat, which he says is a huge victory. Duquette says he had been told by many people that horse slaughter would never return to this country, but he says they are going to have to take another look.

According to Duquette many calls, texts and emails have come through thanking his not-for-profit group for getting through to Congress.

"We've all done it for the love of the horse, not for the money," Duquette said. "The other side would tell you it's all about money, it's not about money for us."

The United Horsemen and others blame the Humane Society of the United States and other animal rights groups for getting Congress to approve those riders in 2007 effectively ending horse slaughter. They say that led to less humane treatment of horses through increased abandonment and neglect.

Now that the legislation has been signed lifting the federal ban on horse slaughter, the focus among horse groups is finding suitable plants for processing. Sue Wallis, co-leader of United Horsemen and the International Equine Business Association, says they have a great network across the country looking for facilities in places where meat processing is common practice. In particular they are looking at existing facilities that are already processing large mammals that could be retrofitted to handle horses relatively quickly.

Wallis says the horse processing facilities that were shuttered in 2007 when amendments passed banning the USDA from inspecting horse meat will not be reopened because the states where they are located, Texas, Illinois, California and Florida, have passed laws banning horse slaughter.

Once plants are in place, Wallis says it'll take years to recreate the market and reverse the damage done to the welfare of horses that have been left behind.

"When an industry takes as big and as deep and as hard of a hit as the horse industry has taken, it is going to take a while," Wallis said.

Wallis says the tide turned away from the animal rights/anti-slaughter movement when the Congressional GAO report this spring detailed the problems that were caused by the elimination of horse processing in the U.S. She believes knowledge and understanding of the situation will prevent most other states from enacting horse slaughter bans in the future.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well it is funny that the slaughter of American horses did not stop or slow down after horse slaughter was ban in the USA. Only thing that changed was where and who made money off of slaughtering horses. So dear sir you are wrong, it is all about the money. Sue Wallis is already trying to market horse meat inside the USA. Meat that is toxic to the point that the EU will not import American breed horse meat into the UK. What does that tell you? Does the American people have to live in fear that toxic horse meat will make its way into our food supply as it has in the UK. The facts are horses are not raised in the US as food or regulated or vetted to prevent drugs that are toxic to humans if consumed by animals that are vetted with it, but you are willing to toss all this meat into the American diet to make a buck. I for one am not willing to kill my family or friends for you to make a buck. I don't care how much better horse meat is than beef. If you think horse meat is so great why don't you kill your own horses and process them for your friends and family? Why try to push it off on the American people There is not law against you slaughtering your own horses as long as you don't sell it. As for me I am going to start buying my beef on the hoof and having it processed in my home town. That way I cut out all the middle men and insure that toxic horse meat does not make its way into my food. As for some of the other comments people also eat dogs, cats, and rats but does that mean that the American people should allow it to enter our food supply because someone some where eats it?

  2. Anonymous says:

    there need to be an answer to the horses that are suffering from a bad feeding program or some kind of bone desease or a stumick problem since they are alowing the feed market to gouge the horse people we can no longer afford to keep feeding a crippled or siverly injured horse just have some one there to inspect the animals if there not a need to distroyed then have an aucton there for them once a week how hard is that to figure out and if there papered horses make the owner turn in the papers there and if the horse is destroyed then send them to the respective assosiation.or send us your address we will bring them to you ?

  3. Anonymous says:

    In America we eat cows, use their hides for leather, and drink their milk. Many countries eat horses, use their hides for leather, and some drink their milk. Who are we to say that we know better than cou ntries like Italy, France, Spain, and Canada when it comes to horse meat? Oh, we're Americans, we're always right. Many Americans laugh at the idea of cows being considered sacred (actually so do I), and beef is so ingrained in our culture that there would be a huge uproar if there was a legitimate movement to make the slaughter of cattle illegal in the U.S. Like the cow, we don't consider horses sacred, yet we ban their slaughter for no logical reason. I don't have a problem with someone trying to persuade me that I shouldn't eat horse meat if they present to me a logical, rational argument. However, I do have a problem when someone tries to legislate their irrational, illogical morality upon me in any way, including by preventing me from even trying horse meat.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Horse meat contains 25% less fat, nearly 20% less sodium, double the iron and less cholesterol than high quality beef cuts, and when compared to ground beef 25% less fat, 30% less cholesterol and 27% less sodium. Fat butted Americans need to eat horses

  5. Anonymous says:

    It's about time the agricultural industry stops taking hits from the very people we provide sustenance to.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Fine for all you people who believe horse slaughter is fine. Then okay. Euthanize only... flat period. The meat industry makes 20,000 a horse. Euthanasia costs can come from that. Then legalize euthanasia for animal consumption. If you meat eaters don't give it up then I think those who oppose it should petition for euthanasia to be the only way of death for them period. So sorry if you don't like your meat with euthanasia but that should be your price you pay for insisting on slaughtered animals to be on your plate. Selfish .....

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am against slaughter of horses. We need to ban horse slaughter in America. Eating horses is just plain stupid: REASON #1 Americans have so much food that more goes in the trash than in their mouths. A store near my house throws away 50 lbs of fresh ham, beef,cheeses and other products every day that are not expired. they say that due to "food safety regulations" by FDA they can not donate to needy families. REASON #2 So why kill horses in a land of food plenty? There is no U.S demand for their meat , no market and no need. Americans would rather eat beef liver in prune sauce followed by un-cleaned pig intestines with a side of fruit cake than eat horse meat. REASON#3 We need live horses Horses are beautiful, noble creatures and if the new depression/economic down turn keeps up they will likely once again become our only source of transportation because gas/fuel will cost more than gold. Note: in the middle east horse manure is used for fuel and U.S used to grow vegetables/fruit. Horses get killed off then we just shot ourselves in the foot. Horse killing got outlawed in the 1970's. why do we have to go there again? REASON #4 Don't we ever learn from historic mistakes? when they were killing off mustangs they found out they were also killing the eco system where they lived. The horses were an important part of that delicate balance. Their manure produced food for plants to grow , dung beetles and other animals used it for food, nesting material. scientists found that where the mustangs were they created a lush oasis for all desert life. also ranchers lost less cattle/sheep to mountain lions and coyotes because the horses attracted more natural prey. REASON # 5 EXTINCTION So, can't we evolve past blood-lust and dollar signs? The wild mustangs have suffered enough. So have all the horse owners you stole their beloved pet horses from and brutally beat and slaughtered to make your slimy,horse mafia money. Do they all have to become extinct to feed your fat , greedy faces? People like you have already caused black rhinos to be extinct,as well as species of tigers, bears, birds, ext. all their deaths you tried to justify by your belief in human superiority. you used lame reasons "Chinese medicine" : tiger parts and rhino horn "good" for male virility. horses hooves turned into glue, their meat sold to foreign markets. your reasons: "over-population" ( an old pro-slaughter phrase) , "food" (yuck!! ), disposal of a "useless, ill tempered horse", old, sick..let's just kill it like the Tea party GOP want to do to your grandma instead of providing end of life care/ medical/retirement. Capitalist society at it's finest definition : use it, throw it away. Americans lately have been throwing too much away. Their morals, their faith, their hope, their families. We relate now better to machines than each other. Our kids do not know how to "go outside and play" anymore. Teens & young adults address each other as "Ho" , "biatch" and "pimp daddy". No respect for women or compassion. Today's ghetto morals are "let's just bust a cap in everything that pisses us off or needs killing". This kind of mentality has given birth to animal cruelty and mass extinctions. our society is so mean and angry right now.... so what do we do? Take it out on animals.....we're broke , we lost our jobs, we got a divorce, our home got taken , got feed the family (go to a food bank,fool), car got repo, ext. what are you gonna do when you have killed off all the animals on the planet? burned up all the trees , used up all the fuel, emptied the ocean of life? what are you going to eat then? Likely , Mr. Murder, you will start and promote cannibalism as a "over-population control", "source of income", "a way to feed the family". You'll select the old, the weak, the poor, people who you find socially un-acceptable, the used up that you feel need disposal. Just like th

  8. Anonymous says:

    Dave Duquette does not represent the horse industry. His non-profit is a sham. United Horsemen was first known as the United Horsemen’s Front. It is a front for the meat industry. Their stated goal is to educate people about the humane treatment of horses, but look at what they have actually done. Their resources are dedicated to only one end---converting live horses to meat. Sue Wallis who claims to care so much about horses has never owned a horse, shown a horse, and doesn’t know anything about horses, yet she claims to be an expert. HSUS is not the villain here. It is these people who know nothing about raising food animals or horses that are trying to scam Congress and the American people. Dave Duquette stated on Oregon Public Radio that it is legal to use phenylbutazone in cattle when the FDA clearly prohibits its administration in any animal raised for food. In fact, in 2003 the FDA issued a second specific directive regarding dairy cows. Should these people who ignore the 108 drugs prohibited in animals to be food have anything to do with the food industry?

  9. Anonymous says:

    I love how the person who can't even spell properly with terrible grammar is the one that is pro-slaughter. You said that you do it because you need to feed your family and make a living, only strengthening my argument that people that are pro-slaughter are both in it for the money and are irresponsible to begin with. There is a serious emotional detachment between someone who says they love their horse, yet they can bare to stand them facing a horrible death. Find a different job, don't be a horse trainer. You're the reason why this industry is so effed up. People like you make me absolutely sick and I feel sorry for whoever gets scammed into buying a horse from you or your family. Stop buying horses you moron!!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. Anonymous says:

    I can't understand why PETA would do that, the racetrack rejects could go to other places. We just bought one that would have been ground up, and she has the sweetest tempermate, good levals of energy, and a pretty good jump-first ride with us and first time jumping

  12. Anonymous says:

  13. Anonymous says:

    my family owns a horse farm we make alot of money on horses we trade sell with people every where but most are sent to the slaughter house because there to old or just cant do nothing with them i no most of is probaly gonna think this is wrong but i want you to do what we do every day we try to make a living but most of you dont understand that i love all of my horses but i cant keep all of them i have to feed my family my family owns about 80 to 90 horses all of them are fat and healthy and have a good life at my farm but like i said most of them are leaving i my family never hardly keeps a horse over a month a guy comes picks them up in a semi about once a month but we only send horses with him if the horses are not needed any more.

  14. Anonymous says:

    They eat em and they profit, from their standpoint what could be better?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Please call, write, email, mail, and fax, not only the president, but your representatives, too, and ask them to cosponsor the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act, H.R. 2966 / S. 1176.

  16. Anonymous says:

    The only reason for allowing horse slaughter, according to supporters, is that there are too many unwanted horses and horse slaughter is the only solution to the problem. The recent GAO report shows the same number of horses are being slaughtered today that were being slaughtered back when the U.S. plants were open. This reinforces the fact that despite the major downturn in the economy, the same number of irresponsible horse owners, not more, are sending their horses to slaughter. In states like California, where slaughter was banned, neglect and theft actually decreased after the ban. The rate of horse theft dropped by 34% in 1998 alone when California horse slaughter. In Illinois, horse neglect and abuse decreased when the state's horse slaughter plant closed down. The vast majority of horse owners, 99%, use humane euthanasia for their old or ill horses. About 900,000 horses die annually, and they're safely disposed of by means other than slaughter. USDA documents state that more than 92% of horses who go to slaughter are in good condition. Slaughter houses want fat, healthy horses, not thin starving ones. The surplus, unwanted horses are thin and starving; opening slaughter houses is not addressing or solving this. Slaughter houses are creating a market for healthy, wanted horses. Many domestic horses are stolen every year for the horsemeat trade. Ohio newspapers reported the theft of two prized former racehorses who were sold for $250 each to an auctioneer, who then sold them to a killer buyer. Their owner had planned on retiring them at a sanctuary. Sky Dutcher came to Washington, D.C. to tell the story of how her horse, Cimmarron, was stolen from his corral on her twelfth birthday and sent to slaughter within two days. These slaughter facilities are operated and staffed by foreign countries, don't buy into the propaganda that it will be good for the economy, because it will not bring Americans jobs. Also, Europe is considering banning American horse meat because of its toxicity. Throughout their lives, horses raised and treated as partners in sporting and working and as pets in the United States are given a wide variety of medications not intended for use on food animals. These medications include, but are not limited to: anti-fungal treatments, painkillers, de-worming medications and topical ointments. All of these medications come with warning labels that read, "DO NOT USE ON HORSES INTENDED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION." Since horses are not intended for human consumption in the United States, it's safe to assume that all horses are treated with these medications, which are most likely still in their systems when they go to slaughter. It is our responsibility to send safe food overseas, not contaminated food carrying the traces of medications with unknown effects on the human body.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Due to the anatomy of a horse, and their flight response, horse slaughter cannot be done humanely. Footage from inside the horse slaughter facilities in the United States showed abuse and cruelty. Many horses were conscious when they were shackled and hoisted by a rear leg to have their throats cut. Horses were whipped in the face while others gave birth on the killing floors. The USDA recently released photos of horses with broken bones protruding from their bodies, eyeballs hanging by a thread of skin, and open wounds - all taken at former U.S. horse slaughterhouses. No animal, food animal or not, should be subjected to this tremendous cruelty inside - or outside - of our borders. This is not humane, but a brutal and terrifying end for horses.

  18. Anonymous says:

    They pulled our wagons. They pulled our plows. They carried our soldiers as they defended our borders. They carried us across the country and helped build our nation. They represented wealth and poverty. They have been been bred for strength, speed and stamina. Their bloodlines have created international stars and have been a source of national pride. They have been healers, family pets and a source of a lifetime of enjoyment.They are a national treasure whose spirit represents our nation’s indomitable spirit and ability to succeed in spite of odds. What they are not is a marketable commodity to be shipped over seas for human consumption, nor are they dog food.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I am a horse trainer. The slaughter industry is not good for the horse industry. It creates an artificial bottom value for horses that has nothing to do with training, veterinary care, farriery, etc. The breeder who invests in the future of his horses by providing these services can not compete with the breeder who does not, who does not have to because he can always sell them for meat if nobody else buys them. Why then support the trainers? The farriers? All the tack dealers? The vets? Support the professionals that surround the horse industry -- vote no on horses for meat! Amy in TX

  20. Anonymous says:

    I love how people against slaughter are saying they aren't willing to pay any extra for better regulations when it comes to a vet being required to administer vaccinations, etc.....but it's not about the money....... I just don't want to see horses suffering more than they need to. Many cases slaughter is the most humane choice. Not everybody can afford euthanasia and rendering. Simple. Not ideal, but truth.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Personally if equine meat came into the grocery I would be glad to have it for dinner for me and my working dogs. They are livestock. They are a valuable protein resource. I used to buy horsemeat in Oklahoma . Was pretty good. I was a farm kid. If an animal did not work or be productive it was not kept. Not every horse born is safe or useful. Culling is a part of agriculture. Too many city people have grown up so far from the farm they have lost sight of reality. Rocky Mountains, Colorado

  22. Anonymous says:

    Ok people the thing is humans have to kill animals to survive thats just how the world works. the human race was not born with claws, talons, powerful jaws or other animals that can kill animals. humans are superior to the animals. You dont see a horse out putting together a car, or researching ways to cure cancer, do you. No, and wat are u suppose to do with a horse that has a lame leg? let it limp around suffering, no u can send it to slaughter so then we can help reduce world hunger. Also not every time a person wants to get rid of a horse it goes to slaughter. it will go to an auction first then a horse trader might buy it or a person who wants a horse. If the horse trader does buy it then he will resell it to somebody looking for a horse. So with out these slaughter houses, you lose those jobs in the business. because nobody is looking for a horse to buy. thanks for reading 00

  23. Anonymous says:

    Whoever the anonymous person is that posted the very long idea twice about humans slaughtering everything an being calloused... you obviously have no idea about what's going on here. Humans are the reason animals are screwed up in the first place, due to people not unlike yourself who have bred them relentlessly because they "love" them and now we have a situation. Killing animals is never pretty, but its what we need to live and doing it humanely is the key. A bullet to the head is NOT how we slaughter horses, or any animal for that matter. Other countries do, though. So maybe figure out for yourself how we actually do this "horrible" thing, then compare to other countries horses are routinely sent to and see which one is better. Those Other countries don't have regulatory humane laws about the slaughter of horses. We do! Now, thanks to this law anyway. You've probably never even touched a horse by the way you're talking, you obviously know nothing about the horse industry. So stay out of it and let the adults handle it, okay?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Finally! Thank you to all who participated and fought for the lifting of this ban!

  25. Anonymous says:

    To quote: Animal Rights Annie- Posted by Anonymous on November 28 at 12::30 AM-----------"Horrifying isn't it? People are starving to death all over the world because there is no food, because of diseases, lack of health care....but let's keep killing, slaughtering, murdering all these wonderful beings who SHARE this planet with us. It's so sad to know that the disposable mentality Humans have for so long embraced is still disgustingly ALIVE AND WELL. What a selfish, callous, sick, and heartbreaking legacy Humans are leaving behind." --------------------------------------------- Well, Animal Rights Annie, Sounds like you hate the fact people are starving, yet, you hate humans for processing animals to keep people from starving. Since you hate humans so bad why not start eliminating the problem If it makes you feel better just start with yourself and go take a long walk on a short pier.

  26. Anonymous says:

    "One question - why do you suppose the states in which the last plants were located now have laws BANNING slaughter, transport to slaughter or selling a horse to slaughter? Look into it. Post by Anonymous on November 28 at 2:06 PM" ANSWER: Because Animal Rights Groups back in 2003 found an existing law on the books in Texas, that, was put into place back in 1949, Texas Agricultural Code 149.001-.007, Not for any animal abuse occurring within slaughter plants. This law prevented horse meat from being sold as any other meat then horse.

  27. Anonymous says:

    please please please start slaughter again...we need it so bad...

  28. Anonymous says:

    One question - why do you suppose the states in which the last plants were located now have laws BANNING slaughter, transport to slaughter or selling a horse to slaughter? Look into it.

  29. Anonymous says:

    "What a bunch of squabbling, bumbling idiotic human talk, false facts reported here, non-accurate figures, uneducated horse people who "think" they know what they are talking about, including those of you who have had years of being around horses. I especially like the one who says Look at your Thoroughbreds today, They don't hold up on the track"... Would you care to explain WHY they don't hold up on the track??? "------Answer ----- Biggest volume drug buyers where track vets according to a friend selling Vet supplies and Pharmaceuticals. I Doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to observe what happens when a top running winning TB horse breaks down running on the track, He is retired to stud and passes his weakness on to his get. They have bred the ability to stay sound out of them breeding for speed alone. If you did not know this simple fact, I suggest you get rid of your horses and buy a dirt bike.

  30. Anonymous says:

    To: Anonymous on November 28 at 12::30 AM---- There are not too many privately owned horses. Over abundance of FERAL/RELEASED HORSES?? YES. Take them off Government Land and Government Welfare and process them. With the proceeds manage what is controllable should they be kept around. New Feral Horse Herds are now running in the Mark Twain National Forest. A friend living in Missouri was trail riding in the National Forest and while camping a Stallion along with several other "Feral" released horses (called WILD by AR Activists) came into the camp and the stud attacked the picket line horses. I remember back 22 years ago, a well connected Lawyer buying up 100,000 acres of Ranch land to run 2000 head of Feral Horses and collecting $2/day/head from the Government. Not a bad deal since he paid only $25/acre back then. The country would have been better off processing the horses instead of spending $1,440,000/ year plus. Paid off the ranch in two years.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Have too many horses? Send them to be slaughtered. Can't afford hay to feed your horses? Send them to be slaughtered. Have hay but are too damn lazy to get outside and feed your horse? Send them to be slaughtered. Have an untrained horse? Send them to be slaughtered. Can't afford hoof care? Send them to be slaughtered. Have a sick horse? Send them to be slaughtered. Have a lame horse? Send them to be slaughtered. Have an old horse? Send them to be slaughtered. Kids have lost interest in the horse[s]? Send them to be slaughtered. Family member with horses dies, send the horses to be slaughtered. Over population of horses - kill them. Over population of dogs - kill them. Over population of cats - kill them. Over population of (animal name here) kill them. Keep playing God. Keep killing horses because of the mistake of HUMANS. A bullet to the brain is fast and clean? Humans sometimes survive bullets to the brain, Horses never do? What then? Shoot them again? Some of you people who so eagerly discuss the methods, and reasons for wanting to KILL an animal is just unbelievable. It will improve the industry? How is it that the wondrous Human being, who thinks that they are master and ruler of the universe, that it all begins and ends with them, can so easily wish for the 'murder' of thousands upon thousands of horses. Why is it that again, animals are paying for the mistakes of the Human animal. Why is that? Does that all make you feel good inside? Should we leave emotion out of it? Why? So we become even more callous, and unfeeling, and uncaring? So we become worse than we now are? Is that what you slaughter happy people are teaching your children? Have you really thought about what you are wanting here? You are taking a living, breathing, bleeding, feeling, intelligent, beautiful and amazing BEING, and saying to yourself: I am OK with these innocent animals being KILLED, because too many people, bred too many horses, etc, etc, etc and NOW the only thing left for us to do is KILL KILL KILL. Humans made the mess, but horses will die. Just an animal. Just an industry. Just a heartless/selfish/sick act by so called Humans. I see who the real animals are here, and they don't have 4 legs. There are now over 7 billion Humans on this earth. Imagine if you will some 'higher' being decided there are too many Humans. Too much pollution, destruction, damage. Humans will start being culled to control their over population. Horrifying isn't it? People are starving to death all over the world because there is no food, because of diseases, lack of health care....but let's keep killing, slaughtering, murdering all these wonderful beings who SHARE this planet with us. It's so sad to know that the disposable mentality Humans have for so long embraced is still disgustingly ALIVE AND WELL. What a selfish, callous, sick, and heartbreaking legacy Humans are leaving behind.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous on November 27 at 6:41 PM.: Who are you asking this question to? Today there are not any horse meat buyers buying anything but the #1 premium horse that, use to bring ten years ago, $70/cwt which is $700 for a thousand pound horse. The $700 would buy a lot of hay and grain for other horses back at the ranch. Or maybe be spent buying another better horse being sold. Today is a different story, I check with some folks that were at a sale last Friday, the buyer putting a load together for Mexico would only bid about $16/cwt which is $160 for a thousand pound (fat only) horse. Less commission $14, less coggins $15, less yardage $3, less hauling cost $80. The total cost of selling the horse (If Bid on) $112. Net $48 for 7 hours spent selling the 1000# horse at a sale. It is better to shoot the horse and supply good fresh meat to a pack of hounds or your Live Stock Guardian Dogs. The meat buyers are not buying weanling colts or moderate weight horses. Seller have to take many of these horses they do not need on the feed bill, back home. Mean while some folks just unload them in a rancher's pasture, the bar-ditch or on government land and drive off. This presents a hazard to motorist hitting a horse. Horses can come over the hood and into the front seat when hit, unlike a cow or pig or deer that just smashes the front end of the car most the time. A horse can be lethal to the occupants when hit by a vehicle. Another reason for taking the horse to a sale: There is still a chance someone will want it and buy it to take home and love it. Some pig-horses are dangerous to humans and other horses and need killing. They are then sold as "for kill only'. You don't wish them on anyone.

  33. Anonymous says:

    What a bunch of squabbling, bumbling idiotic human talk, false facts reported here, non-accurate figures, uneducated horse people who "think" they know what they are talking about, including those of you who have had years of being around horses. I especially like the one who says Look at your Thoroughbreds today, They don't hold up on the track"... Would you care to explain WHY they don't hold up on the track??? or how about this one... "It is infuriating that these people continue to state that horses arent bred for slaughter here when ALL of mine and MOST other horses from fellow breeders I personally know ARE bred for MEAT utilization-we breed for the highest price, and if buyers arent available to out bid the meat buyer, our horses end up tasty, SAFE , nutritious dinners. We have a right to a meat market just as beef and pork producers do. "If the horsemeat market is banned, it will only be a matter of time before the vegan AR crowd turns on the rest of the meat market-it is their ultimate goal...the horse market is just easier because it is easier to divide horseowners-and the anti slaughter people too stupid to realize they are being used." YOU "Mr Infuriated" ARE AN IDIOT AND THIS IS ABSOLUTE UNTRUTH!!! Do you by chance attend church? Do you read the Bible? Maybe not! Nevertheless: Leviticus 11:1-47 And the Lord spoke: These are the living things that you may eat among all the animals that are on the earth. Whatever parts the hoof and is cloven-footed and chews the cud, among the animals, you may eat." Tell me now...Does a horse chew a cud? Are they "cloven-footed"? HORSE WAS NOT PUT ON EARTH TO BE EATEN!!! Just because the almighty dollar fits into your schedule for human gratification does NOT MEAN IT'S RIGHT!!! Argue that one - that is called a proven fact!!! Lastly - Before anyone owns a horse - they should know what a horse actually is ... & how to actually feed a horse and treat a horse properly, allowing a horse to be a horse! In "Gina's World" 89% of Horse Owners and Horse Breeders SHOULD NOT BE OWNERS OF THE ALMIGHTY HORSE. This my friends is why this heated pro & anti topic is here... Because of human error! PERIOD!!!

  34. Anonymous says:

    I don't understand why you want to slaughter horses? If you don't want them and can't sell them, why don't you just shoot them, like the greyhound people do. Why on earth would you want somebody else to do what you can't.

  35. Anonymous says:

    My Program has been judged by the best qualified judges in the World and tested in the toughest competition in different disciplines. During the search for the best bloodlines for my purposes. I had experimental herds segregated by bloodline to inbreed for the purpose to expose the faults hidden within the genes of different bloodlines. In a popular registry one such individual has contaminated almost all of the horses in that registry today. He was an early popular short-cut to refinement. I had sold the culled herds from other experimented bloodlines as the flaws surfaced. The majority of horses today are made up of flawed gene pools. No one seemed to take the time to research problems commonly found and pinpoint the source. Whole herds unqualified for my program were eliminated, consigned to registered sales or in some cases at a regular weekly/monthly horse sale. The Gene pools privately eliminated were sought after by other individuals who where seeking those lines and did not want to hear about the flaws. Culled horses were Consigned to breed sales where one persons trash is another persons treasure. Should one go to a processing plant for export, so be it. If that bothers someone, they needed to go to the sales with their trailers and purchase a load by bidding against those meat buyers. The horse was a food source long before man first threw a leg over it and developed the horse into an extension of his own legs. Look at your Thoroughbreds today, They don't hold up on the track and made up the majority of killer horses in sales back 10+ years ago in the Eastern market when the slaughter market was still going big time. Why don't you folks, that, want to help unwanted horses, go to those Thoroughbred Rescue Farms, screaming about being over loaded and adopt a trailer load of broke down track horses take them home and care for them until you find new homes for them. The bloodlines I am breeding for nearly forty years now have a great synergistic effect in the colts we produce. I breed for myself for what I want. They just happen to excel in competition and are sought by knowledgeable real horse people realizing we have improved the species. My theory is if a horse has a problem, why breed it? Therefore elimination or culling is absolutely necessary to achieve the end goal you have for your breeding program. 100% of our colt crops from our closed herd, now, have been exceptional athletic, intelligent, staying sound, cookie cuttered individuals. Sounds impossible doesn't it? Whether it is believable or not to you, is of no consequence to me.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Lets talk about feelings I have a horse and have had four in my life they all have lived a good life and have all passed away with me and I humanely euthenized them so I know for a fact that horses have feeling so people that say they have no feelings are wrong sorry!! No to slaughter plants anywhere here is the USA they didn't work before and won't now. All horses have a purpose and deserve a life they have been with us forever, don't forget when there were no cars who got you were you wanted to go!!! I can remember my Mom telling me how her mom used to have trouble hitching up the horse and buggy. So please these horses do not deserve to be slaughtered its cruel and inhumane and Americans do not eat horsemeat so whats the purpose?????

  37. Anonymous says:

    Breeder: Every backyard breeder thinks they've created perfection. None of them have. Direct us to photo's of your perfect horses along with their registration information. How many foals did you cull/ship to slaughter before you hit the perfection jackpot?

  38. Anonymous says:

    To: Anonymous on November 25 at 7:27 PM from Mr/Ms Horse Breeder, I just read your note: I wish to thank you for you skepticism on the perfection of our Breeding Program. To accomplish such in your unqualified mind is impossible. I take that as a compliment also. We like to accomplish the impossible as it was our mission in breeding. In addition we have a Stallion Battery, not just one Stallion and they are all together in a large pasture for the winter all buddies, young and old. They are all indirect and direct collateral relatives with the exception of two. As another point for you not to believe, We have developed this herd to be extremely low maintenance individuals. Thank you again for your skepticism realizing to breed such is unheard of, near impossible. I take it as a bigger compliment, when qualified horsemen buy our produce to upgrade their herds. Now why don't you non-horsemen let qualified horsemen do as they see fit with their horses.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Nov 26 @ 4:30p-wrestle with pigs. Your opinion is not proof that those against slaughter are lying. You say the meat is safe but have provided no proof. There is plenty of proof that says it isn’t safe. Based on EU and FDA food safety laws, US horses don’t qualify as food animals. There are several irrefutable documents that say it isn’t safe. If people want the truth, you go to the source, the medical professionals that make the rules. You don’t ask someone from the Ag industry. If the export markets are so important to you, then you should be up in arms that US horses are being slaughtered for consumption. You are now raising questions on how safe our own food is. If you have such a callous disregard for foreign consumer food safety, do you have the same ethics for what is produced from our own meat industry?

  40. Anonymous says:

    "I've wrestled with pigs" to make yourself creditable you might want to spell Sue Wallis's name right. It's not worth any further comment to you.

  41. Anonymous says:

    To the Poster Who Wanted to Post to the Poster Posting to Megan: Sorry, so very sorry, but your post came in the heat of the moment of a pro-slaughter person wanting to make money off the slaughter of her poor crippled horse. I will never understand how anyone can even think about sending a crippled, lame, sick or pregnant animal on the long horrible trip in the horse slaughter pipeline. It’s just not right to make an already suffering animal suffer more. What is the matter with people? So very sorry! This site does not make people put their names in the sign on so Anonymous makes it hard to see who you are talking to. It is all very confusing here. There is so much name calling and hatred that comes across with not signature to know who is speaking. I thought that Megan was pulling my chain avoiding talking about her horse by putting me on the spot. Megan is very familiar with Sue Wallis who is the Head Horse Slaughtering Leader so Megan would tell her friend to slaughter the horse. It is still available so to some that is an option. It is hard to help you here on a site that is about horse slaughter. There are many rescues on the East coast that have great reputations and many have funds available for hay, gelding and euthanasia of horses instead of rescue. The anti-slaughter people have a big network and someone should be able to step in and give her some help. But this is not the place to talk about it. Are you or your friend on facebook? We must first find out what kind of help she wants. Let me know how to get a hold of you or your friend. We can go from there. Again so very sorry for the confusion!!

  42. Anonymous says:

    I have "wrestled with the pigs" long enough here to show their true colors. These people have nothing better to do than fly around like buzzards then, whenever they see Sue Wallace or United Horseman mentioned on a post, mob together to attack them and those of us who are standing up for OUR market and customer-the horsemeat consumer and those that process and sell this SAFE, NUTRITIONAL, AND AFFORDABLE source of protein. TO THE PEOPLE READING THIS THREAD WHO HAVE NOT FORMED AN OPINION: Go check out the truth for your self-talk to UNbiased sources such as food-animal instructors at agricultural colleges-and the BUYERS of horsemeat and compare their responses with the crap that has been spewed here-virtually everything that the anti slaughter people have put here is either outright lies or has been greatly distorted ...TO MY FELLOW FARMERS: This thread-like so many others of articles mentioning horse slaughter-has become ridiculous. I know you all know about the animal rights crowd-and the anti-slaughter are just a fringe of them. As a dairy, beef and poultry producer (NOT a hobby farmer!!) I want to point out the utter hipocrasy of these people-we know that export markets are VERY important to ALL of us, yet they evilize horsemeat producers because SOME of the market is for export..yet they claim to be pro-agriculture. As in ANY ag market, it must be profitable to raise animal products-yet horsemeat producers are called "greedy" . And ALL animal producers know that there are withdrawal times for medications that have to be given for the benefit of the animal-yet these people try to say that the medications somehow magically stay in the horses system yet are known to breakdown in every other species systems-even though studies have PROVEN that they also break down in horses. It is infuriating that these people continue to state that horses arent bred for slaughter here when ALL of mine and MOST other horses from fellow breeders I personally know ARE bred for MEAT utilization-we breed for the highest price, and if buyers arent available to out bid the meat buyer, our horses end up tasty, SAFE , nutritious dinners. We have a right to a meat market just as beef and pork producers do. Please join United Horseman-even if you dont own horses-If the horsemeat market is banned, it will only be a matter of time before the vegan AR crowd turns on the rest of the meat market-it is their ultimate goal...the horse market is just easier because it is easier to divide horseowners-and the anti slaughter people too stupid to realize they are being used. And, finally...TO THE ANTI SLAUGHTER PEOPLE....GO POUND SALT!!! I am fed-up with your lies , deceptions and holier than thou art attitudes. I have no time to put up with trash-I just burn it.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Anon-Nov 26 @ 7:57a, you wrote an entire paragraph on OUTRIGHT LIES but didn’t dispute anything and only ranted. Where are your facts to dispute the lies? There are already laws telling you how to dispose of certain property. Nobody is taking anyone’s rights away. Today, you have the right to sell, donate or euthanize your horse. When slaughter has ended, you will still have the right to sell, donate or euthanize your horse. You will retain the same rights with or without slaughter. In addition, since you seem to think your horse is food, you will still be able to slaughter it and eat it.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Selective breeding of equine is not the problem. Non-directional random backyard breeding is a problem. The horses being dumped are the product of this type of reproduction. Many of these backyard horses are registered with an organization. If not bred top and bottom for a definite purpose within the realm of the registration organizations, they will not be close to being marketable. Registration alone does not insure a value unless it is a bloodline in limited supply sought after by the consumers. Breeding horses to fill the demand of clients is not Breed Baby Breed. These horses are not cheap even in these hard times. I have yet to see one of our youngsters be abused or dumped. We only produce what we can place with customers or keep as replacement or personal use. Please do not be so general and stereotype every horse breeder as the same.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Dear WOW, Anonymous on November 26 at 12::30 PM, Your post has a sensible approach.

  46. Anonymous says:

    I am very tired of people like Wallis claiming to represent the horse industry and setting herself up as an expert on horses. It seems that the division is between east and west with the east coast actually owning most of the horses. However, we (I include myself because I own 20 equines) do not see horses as livestock. I live in the 4th most populous horse state (PA) and the up and growing business here is horse cemetaries and cremation. Horses are abused/neglected because people choose to overbreed. Abuse/neglect is tied to a decline in the economy just as the increase in dog and cat neglect and abuse is tied to the economy. The GAO report not only lacks scientific validity because of faulty research design and reliance on antecdoctal information but failed to establish a statistically significant correlation between horse neglect and closing the slaughter facilities. The cost of euthanasia with the farm call here is 150. Compared to our average rate of board at 350/month the amount is insignificant. I have cared for my horses by myself for 30 years. I am up at 4AM before going to work and often still in the barn at midnight so please stop saying that anti-slaughter people know nothing about horses. I am also part of our large animal response team. I know that slaughter is cruel and inhumane and that a just society would never allow such a practice. Unfortunately justice usually takes a back seat to the almighty dollar and the AQA and big Ag have deep pockets. Finally, please read the constitution before claiming it is the constitution that gives us rights. The establishment of a strong federal constitution was according to Hamilton "To clip the wings of a democracy gone mad." It is the Bill of Rights the first ten amendments that establish the rights of citizens but no right is absolute most constitutional scholars agree that the most legitimate liberty limiting principle is Mill's principle of direct harm. So the underlying question is what constitutes a person and based on utilitarian ethics a person is a sentient being. Person in this sense means a member of the moral community. Yes a horse is a sentient being so its interests must be considered and its potential to suffer harm trumphs the horse owners' rights. To those of you who will label me a radical, please remember that capitalism is grounded in utilitarian ethics. Adam Smith's a Wealth of Nations and Bentham one of its founders argued in relation to animals the "question is not can they think but can they feel?" Nothing radical here because consideration of the interests of non-human animals is grounded in the history of the western intellectual tradition. Horse slaughter is wrong just as is horse abuse. To represent the false dicothomy that it is slaughter or starvation is absurd. Abuse is illegal so we should enforce the law and prosecute the abusers rather than attempting to provide those who would starve their horses a legal out that allows them to breed baby breed.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Wow. Obviously this is an emotional issue. I would be curious to know what percentage of Americans actually OWN horses. Anyone who doesn't or hasn't ever owned a horse may not have a CLUE as to the issues that are involved. Around here it costs about $300 to have a horse euthanized. People who cannot even afford to buy HAY are not in a position to "do the right thing." Without the option of slaughter, those horses don't have much of a future, especially if they are old or unusable for some reason. The rescues ARE full. Horses, unfortunately, ARE livestock and the cost of feeding them are becoming astronomical thanks to the lousy economy and shifting weather patterns. The price of hay has gone through the rafters in many parts of the country. To a poor person, or a horse owner who has lost his/her job, that $300 for euthanization could buy a lot of groceries. If all those "caring" non-horse owners with an opinion would each step up and adopt an unwanted horse that could solve the problem, but it ain't gonna happen. Make slaughter facilities as humane as possible (a la Temple Grandin) so we can ensure that unwanted horses don't end up on a truck to Mexico. Keeping horse slaughter regulated, humane and on U.S. soil should be everyone's goal. If you really CARE, adopt an unwanted horse.

  48. Anonymous says:

    To Megan and her friend: Since you are pro-slaughter, shoot the horses and hold a BBQ for your friends and family. Since at least one of the horses is crippled, it's illegal to send this horse to slaughter. Chances are it's been given bute too. That's ok. Sue Wallis and her followers say there's nothing wrong with consuming bute, so invite her, Duquette and Backus to dinner too.

  49. Anonymous says:

    @November 25 at 9:29 PM, Your reading comprehension sucks!! I wrote using your opening line "To the poster talking to Megan". I do not know any Megan. It was strickly written to you "Expert". I was reading this forum to get a perspective on the horse slaughter issue and was Anti-horse slaughter for personal emotional reasons after checking out Anti Horse Slaughter sites. I expected you to help my neighbor with her horses, after encouraging and reprimanding this Megan person with a crippled horse. Instead, I recieve a lot of RADICAL MOUTH from YOU towards her horses absolutely rude, insensitive, common behavior. I take it that you are a spokesperson for the Stop Horse Slaughter. The Pro people on the other hand in this forum, seem to be far more refined and informative and not at all radical. I am shocked and angry at your attitude and therefore do not care read anymore of what I now believe to be Anti-Horse-Slaughter, Radical Propaganda. How could I have been so suckered in?

  50. Anonymous says:

    Ahh, another misinformed thought from the pro slaughter fanatics. It isn't an either or choice between starvation or slaughter. It's a decision to either provide a humane death or a horrific one in a kill box. If your thought had any validity, then there would be absolutely no starving horses in this country since it's still legal to ship to slaughter. Horses are not like beef and swine which are raised as food producing animals. And, I shouldn't be forced to pay additional vet expenses every year because you want to make a few bucks on turning your horses into burgers.

  51. Anonymous says:

    If equine slaughter is so cruel, why not regulate it more? Fines and if a plant continually is in violation, then shutdown. One plant's bad reputation should not be how all plants are viewed. My understanding is that horse slaughter is very similar to beef and swine slaughter. If it's cruel for horses, why aren't we crying out for the other animals as well? Either way, I would rather see a horse killed by captive bolt than starve to death or be hit by a car. I would also much rather see a horse be slaughtered here in the US than go to Mexico where there are no regulations. Some people are saying we are still slaughtering the same number of horses each year, but they're going to other countries. My question is this: If you are truly concerned about the humane treatment of these horses, why force the killer buyers to transport them accross the border when the horses would have a more humane end in a US slaughter plant? Another thing I keep hearing is how it's unsafe for humans to consume the meat. The answer for this is to add more regulations. There must be a way to ensure the safety of the meat, and those changes should be made. Maybe we can look to the beef industry for ideas, but the answer is not to ban slaughter altogether. You can go around blaming whoever you want for there being an excess number of horses. The simple fact is, it isn't the horse's fault. They should not be starved to death, slowly, because of a choice that somebody made. I don't think any of the pro-slaughter people really want to see horses slaughtered, but I think it's a better end than starvation.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Considering your lack of understanding of Constitutional rights and apparent hatred of anyone who disagrees with you, maybe you should consider leaving the country. Our constitution does not guarantee a right to sell toxic meat or a minimum value for any product. With regard to property rights the Constitution only gives us a right to OWN property. It states absolutely nothing about disposal of property. The fact is we are governed by federal, state and local laws regarding disposal of property. We can't leave our vehicle in the middle of a freeway when we no longer want it and we aren't allowed to dump our garbage on our neighbor's property. The slaughter issue has absolutely nothing to do with our basic rights or telling foreign countries what they can or can not eat. None of the anti slaughter groups are trying to force American diets on those in other countries. Other countries are free to raise and slaughter their own horses, they don't need us to do it for them. Why do they want us to slaughter for them? MONEY. The foreign owned businesses are not required to pay the same tax rates as American owned companies operating here, nor are they taxed when their profits and products reach their homeland. It really is that simple. Another point about 'basic rights'. I have a right to know if the food I purchase is safe to eat and I have a right (and responsibility) to treat my horses in a manner which will keep them safe and healthy. Since our government has come up with another $5 million to spend on USDA inspectors, I want the inspectors working in plants that produce or import food items that AMERICANS consume. I don't know about you, but I find it frightening that so many products imported from other countries (mainly China) have caused so many illnesses and deaths. But then, we're doing the exact same thing when we allow buted up horses to enter a foreign food supply. In order to eliminate the probability of causing aplastic anemia in children who consume horse meat, all US horse owners would be required to participate in an expensive passport system. Every medication we give our horses would have to be administered by a veterinarian and documented and every horse would have to have a permanent form of identification. This means we'll have to pay a vet every time we administer a dewormer, bute, banamine or any other substance. The cost of the farm calls alone will drive the average horse owner out of the industry. Only 140,000 horses of the estimated 9,000,000 US equine population are slaughtered each year. This represents only 1 to 1.5 percent of the horses that die each year. So, because the greedy owners of 1 - 1.5% of America's horses want to make $100 by selling to slaughter, why should the other 99% of us have to incur added expenses? I find it disgusting that the US has the best education system in the world, yet the ignorant refuse to become educated. Our most highly respected document begins with We The People meaning 'majority'. Well dear friend, the majority of Americans do not want our horses turned into food animals. I for one am tired of being forced to accept minority viewpoints based on ignorance, greed, outdated and barbaric customs, and cultures of foreigners living or working in America. If you want to slaughter and eat horses, move to a country which finds it acceptable.

  53. Anonymous says:

    And the OUTRIGHT LIES continue to be spewed out by the anti-slaughter people...It is not only disgusting but sickening to know that there are people in this country that not only revert to lieing and deception to justify their viewpoint-but also have the audacity to feel they have the right to tell others what they can or cant do with their property and what they may or may not eat. This is EXACTLY why the US constitution was penned-so that people werent denied their basic rights because a mob had differing viewpoints and wanted to force their opinion onto others. Many of these people arent worthy to live in this country. It is extremely sad that so many have died to keep this country free, yet there are citizens within this country hell-bent on taking others rights away...completely disgusting...

  54. Anonymous says:

    To the supposed Dairy Ag person who called those of us who know and speak the truth about horses, horse slaughter and contaminated horse meat BIMBOS and LIARS - I have news for you. First, you are soiling the reputation of honest people in agriculture. Thank God, most are nothing like you! I have owned horses for over 35 years, the first 15 of which were spent in Dallas, TX with Beltex in Ft. Worth on one side and Dallas Crown in Kaufman on the other. Everything you find on is absolutely true. I was THERE. I SAW. Horse theft was an unbelievable epidemic. It was a nightmare. People were so frightened some were converting their garages into stalls and locking their horses in there at night. It WAS THAT BAD. You couldn't sell a horse because the kill buyers followed the ads and would pretend to be a legit buyer. Some would even bring kids with them. You really did have to be there. So, don't give me "if you don't want your horse slaughtered don't sell them for that," buddy, because almost NO ONE intended for their horses to go to slaughter. It beats me how people who have never even SEEN a horse slaughter plant or know what it's like to live near one think they know it all. You know NOTHING. As to banned drugs. Do you give your cattle bute? If so, you are breaking the law. Bute is BANNED in beef and dairy cattle. Check the USDA or FDA. NO bute in food animals. Bute is used in horses like aspirin is used for people. It is the most commonly used drug in equine medicine because it works the best and is perfectly safe for horses if used as directed. However, the label plainly states: Not for use in horses intended for food purposes." Just like many other horse products like Banamine, Reg-U-Mate, some antibiotics, some vaccinations, fly spray, and yes, ivermectin and all the other paste wormers. This is the short list - there are many others with the "not for use" warning. That means that if a horse has been exposed to the substance that carries that warning even ONE time in his/her entire life that horse is permanently banned from the human food chain. That is the LAW. I didn't write it. The FDA/USDA wrote the rules. Go read them for yourself. The reason you can use ivermectin in cattle and not horses is because the FDA does not consider horses to be food producing animals. Therefore they do not require the manufacturers of horse products to run the extensive tests that are required for food animal products. Those tests were run for ivermec with cattle, but NOT ivermec with HORSES because they don't have to with horses. SEE? Cattle are food, horses are not. Go look at the label for ivermectin for horses. It certainly does have the "not for use" warning. The European Union - our biggest customer for horse meat - is VERY serious about keeping bute OUT of the human food chain. They are tightening the rules, and by 2013 if the US is not on a traceability program comparable to their passport system, our horses will NOT be accepted for slaughter at an EU certified plant - which is ALL the plants in Canada, the major ones in Mexico and the ones that were open here. All Belgian owned and under EU rules. I'm sure Japan has similar rules because bute is extremely dangerous for humans. It has been WELL studied because at one time it was licensed for humans to use - until the side effects began to be known. It was pulled and no longer used in humans. From the FDA: Food And Toxicology Report: Veterinary Report: Bute In Slaughter Horses: Horse Meat Is Deadly To Humans: EU Food & Veterinary Office Report on Slaughter Plant Inspection: FVO Inspection of Mexican Plant OFFICIAL: EU Rules Final: Canad

  55. Anonymous says:

    Oh here we go with the name calling. Can't come up with a good answer or reply so you start with the name calling. Oh my hurt feelings! Megan is that you? You didn't ask for help for her, you just didn't want to talk about wanting to send your horse to slaughter because it was crippled. Beside how did I know where the horses were. There are plenty of rescues, good rescues in the East. Besides why come here to a horse slaughter blog to find help to rescue some horses. Talk about a phony! You are connected to Wallis, she has friends all over, especially in the East. You are just pulling my chain just so you can call me names. Be gone with you!! POOF!

  56. Anonymous says:

    Dear Nope not Drunk, You are a jerk, Here is a person with a bad situation with her horses seeking help and all she can get from you is a smart mouth answer. For her to send the horses all the way to Wyoming from the East. Do you represent the rest of the Anti people? You seem to speak for them are they all so callous of someone and their horses in a bad way? You are NO HELP what so ever. A Phoney !! I will not relay your answer as you are not worth speaking to.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous, Nov 25 @ 6:24p, I would suggest you take your own advice and do some research before you accuse other people of telling lies. You may not be lying but you certainly don’t have your facts straight. First, paying for inspections is a violation of the federal meat inspection act. That is a legal issue and the judge ruled correctly. You don’t want the fox guarding the hen house. Second, the plants were closed by state laws – a 1949 Texas law that was on the books and a new law in Illinois. You are confusing industries. The horse industry does not produce meat, the meat industry does so nothing is opening up to the horse industry. US pet food removed horse meat in the 1980s because the drugs were killing certain breeds of dogs, not because of “activists”. Efforts to end horse slaughter didn’t start until the late 1990s, early 2000s. If it’s not safe for pets, we certainly should not be feeding humans meat from US horses.

  58. Anonymous says: Go to the above link for the truth about how 'humane' horse slaughter was in the US plants. This 906 page report of violations comes directly from the USDA.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Oh and Megan, tell your friend horse slaughter is still available, she only has to go to the auction. No trailer??? Go talk to a KB at the auction and I'm sure he will pick them up not cost to her.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Nope, not drunk, yet. KB's confussion said they shoot a horse in the eye if they cause any problem in the trailer. That's the kind of people who work in the horse slaughter indurtry. Heartless!!! Its all on a 3 part interview google it and see for yourself. Oh by the way, slaughter houses would have to be built in every community and every neighborhood to make a journey to a slaughter house a short trip. Even when the 3 slaughter houses were running it was still a very long ride to any of them. The distance is what the distance is. Your comment does not make any sense. Megan, Megan, Megan!!! We were talking about your horse that you breed and was crippled and you wanted to send it to slaughter. You were only worried about the money for your pocket instead of calling a vet and doing the humane thing. Now you want us to solve another problem of overbreeding for you. Actually I just heard of a guy who had cleared out his rescue, his horses all got forever homes and he was going to the auction to save a few more horses. So if you ask me your friend has not tried hard enough to save her horses. There is help out there. Keep calling around. Too bad she wasn't friends with some of the anti groups because they have saved many horses or at least provide some food for the horses. We take care of our own. Why not ask Wallis if your friend can send her horses to her ranch then she could really say that she owned some horses and she can help your friend out at the same time. Oh but wait, they might be the first victims of her slaughterhouse so you had better ask your friend if that is OK. Good luck!!

  61. Anonymous says:

    Sure Mr./Ms. Breeder, you have single handedly eliminated all possibility of any conformation flaws in your (in)breeding program and only produce absolute perfection. What's your stallion's name and registration number?

  62. Anonymous says:

    If Horse Processing Plants are opened within a few hours drive from the auction barns or from the owners farm, the ride should not be traumatic for the horse. At this time thanks to you Pro-Ban-Horse-Slaughter folks, the horse has a journey to Mexico or Canada. Now what was the person drinking to make those crazy statements to Megan? "SHOOT THE HORSE IN THE EYE"??????? "JUST TO CAUSE MORE SUFFERING"??? Are you DRUNK??

  63. Anonymous says:

    To the one wanting to know if horseslaughter is banned in this country for pet food and human is not..what this is about is that ALL meat-regardless of species-SOLD in this country for human consumption MUST be inspected by the USDA or in some cases, a state agency. Several animal rights groups successfully lobbied to remove funding for the inspection of horses ONLY in 2005. Even though the facilities that processed horses offered to pay for inspections out of their own pockets, a biased, pro-animal right judge ruled they werent allowed to pay government inspectors-and THAT is why the horse processing facilities closed. This is what the article is about-the government is funding the processing of ALL species-the exclusion of horses has been removed, once again allowing horsemeat to be sold, and opening the market once again to the US horse industry. By the way-there are so many lies being spewed here that it is sickening-do your own research and you will see that these anti slaughter commenters are overflowing with trashy lies...and by the way, horsemeat has NOT been banned from pet food...most big cats in zoos and captivity are regularly fed a horsemeat diet. Dog food companies have had so much attacks from these people that many changed meats for their pet food. Make sure your sources are unbiased-the AR crowd funds MANY falsified "studies" to make things appear in their favor and purposely have omitted facts that show results contrary to what they want people to see.

  64. Anonymous says:

    Sue Wallis wants us to believe returning horse slaughter to this country will restore the horseback culture, but the lack of horse slaughter is not the only factor that has dropped horse prices. The GAO report says prices dropped from $110/head on the cheaper end to $140/head on the higher horses, attributable to the closing of the plants. Sue Wallis will tell you horse prices dropped 25%, but that is based on a $433 horse bring $323 without slaughter. Not enough difference to make or break the farm. Horse prices have dropped more than the $110 to $140 which the GAO report attributed to the lack of American slaughter, but part is due to the economy, and part is due to the fact that there are less horseback riders in Gen X than there were in the Baby Boomers. We have had a perfect storm of events bring some horse prices to unsustainable lows. Sue will continue to have her followers believe slaughter will cure everything, and it is to the point that they won’t even look at other options. They wave the flag and yell property rights, as if owning property gives you the right to sell it for any purpose you want regardless of regulations to the contrary. Sue will get her way and have funding for USDA inspections returned, but that isn’t the end of the solution. Her next hurdle is to get a new state-of-the-art Temple Grandin style plant built. This is going to be a major investment so it will have to make money to pay itself off. She will have to show there is a market for the meat before the plant will be built. Since this is a high dollar plant they will have to have access to the human consumption market to get the prices they need. According to Sue’s documentation about half of Canada’s horse meat goes to the EU and our horses aren’t qualified for that market. That leaves the less regulated markets as the target. She talks about having an existing plant retrofitted to accommodate horse slaughter, but a closed plant will have been pretty well stripped, and one processing large animals at a profit, may not want to venture into an uncertain project such as horse slaughter. EU passed legislation to adopt a passport system for health and drug verification in 2008. It will be fully implemented by 2013 and at that point American horses won’t go to Canada. Since EU is a leader in food safety regulations I won’t be surprised if other countries emulate the regulations EU passed only three years ago. There will in all likelihood be countries that will buy American horse meat. It is just a matter of finding out how many, and for how long, before they realize they are taking EU rejects. Sue tells us that drugs in horses won’t be a problem because, “Most processors are moving toward broad spectrum third party lab testing to absolutely verify food safety and purity in meat.” When asked where this information comes from she replied, “My statements about lab testing are derived from telephone conversations and personal visits with processors, laboratories, and scientists in regards to how best to address possible contamination.” We know beef plants are implementing real-time testing for pathogens in order to prevent contamination from e-coli. This is easier to do since the pathogen would be found on the surface of the meat. Comprehensive testing for drug residue would be much harder and is not done on every animal in real-time. Given this information it is difficult at best to put together a business plan for a profitable plant. Sue will have a hard time finding an investor who will risk his capital on this venture. She may ask her followers to invest some of their portfolio in this venture. They are believing what she has put forward so far, so they are the best target to believe this will work. She can probably convince them that they will become wealthy on two fronts, since the horse business will be saved and they will own part of a successful business. Many desperate horsemen may bet the farm on this venture and if it

  65. Anonymous says:

    To the poster talking to Megan, Please let me know how to send four horses and two colts to your horse rescue. My neighbor said all the rescues she called are full. Is there a group of transporters in your organization to haul them to you free. She has lost her job and is losing her home and can not afford to keep them. taking them to a auction could get her in trouble with the SPCA people that make arrests there if the horses are thin. The horses were not always this thin some ribs were showing and she was afraid to advertise them and was wanting to find a pasture to fatten them up before people came to look. The horse sale said after the coggins is taken they want that paid and her drivers license kept in the office to make sure the horses are taken home and not left there if no bids are made. If they are not sold she has no way of paying the trailer driver for taking them to the horse sale and no way of moving them anywhere. What can she do if you do not help her?

  66. Anonymous says:

    Megan, how could you ever think of sending a crippled animal on a trailer trip where that animal would be made to suffer for hours standing with no food or water in crowded quarters for hours maybe days. And if that horse was any trouble the driver would just shoot it in the eye to make its suffering more. What kind of a person does that make you? The humane thing to do would be to have a vet come in and put the poor animal down. But for you the money is the only important thing. I sure would hate to be one of your animals. Cold hearted, its just plain cold hearted! You make breeders look bad! Horse slaughter is all about the money.

  67. Anonymous says:


  68. Anonymous says:

    To the observationist on medications just below. Why do you think every horse owner routinely uses pesticides and medications on their horses that will make them ineligible for meat? My horses are not routinely exposed to pesticides and medications except when needed. Our pastures are not sprayed for weeds nor are they fed medicated feed. The longest with holding for residual is Ivomectin with a 35 to 40 days. Safe Guard or panacur is 10 days, Strongit is used on humans as is Ivomectin. Cortical Steroids such as Dexamethazone solution will peak at 18 hours. A withdraw period has not been established so make your own at 72 hours. Follow directions on the label and withhold marketing if taking advantage of a duel purpose market by breeding and raising horses for sport, work and/or meat production on culls.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Wikipedia lists it's reference and source links at the end of their wiki's ... all that is required is click and read.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Well Duhhh! Dummy, it only says it was outlawed not against the law. I find nothing that says law against it. It could just be pet food orgs won't allow it. Please find the law for us Mr. Smarty! Some years ago dogs started dieing from eating it so pet food companies stopped using it for pet food. Besides the processing industry was making more money off it then wasting it on pet food. The drug thing was not yet an issue. There is no longer a ban on slaughtering horses for human consumption now that the language that defunded USDA horse meat inspectors has been left out of the Appropriation Bill which will now give horse slaughter houses the right to ask for inspectors to inspect the meat so it can be shipped cross state lines and overseas.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous Nov 25 2:24pm I don't consider Wikipedia a reliable source for information. I have found too many hearsay and misinformed facts on it. The schools in this area have even ban the use of it by the students.

  72. Anonymous says:

    Well Duhhhhh! Dummy, Just read the comments below, the source is Wikipedia, right there in black and white! It will tell you horsemeat is illegal to be used in pet food. If you have a hard time reading that you had best go back to school for at least a six grade education.

  73. Anonymous says:

    I have been following this thread keeping my thoughts and opinions to myself, and when someone post something that they say is a law or ban I try to research for myself the facts on it. I am having trouble locating the law that says Horse meat is not allowed to be used in dog food. Also that horses processing is ban in the US. Can someone please send me to a site that list this? Thank you!

  74. Anonymous says:

    Now that is the million dollar question????? What do you say pro-slaughter?

  75. Anonymous says:

    Good luck with getting that out of the box. Horses are not raised for food thus they should not be slaughtered for human consumption.

  76. Anonymous says:

    It is my observation, that due to the controversy of certain medications and pesticides given routinely to horses, most horses are ineligible for slaughter. Therefore, there would need to be new horses, raised specifically for human consumption. So, my question would have to be ... how does that help the horses that pro-slaughter proponents claim have been adversly affected by the slaughter ban? Starving, neglected, abandoned, ... and let's not forget to mention ... the retired racehorses, and PMU mares are not candidates to enter the human food chain ... according to the current EU restrictions. Anyone have a intelligent answer for what should happen to those horses, before record numbers more start being bred?

  77. Anonymous says:

    I have raised oxen and am offended when someone refers to a stupid person as "Dumb as an Ox". Having trained both ox teams and horse teams it is obvious the oxen are smarter than the horses. The Ox was the animal of choice when pulling the prairie schooners on their westward journey. They were stronger, sturdier and ate less to keep fit during the trip. Having been the noblest of companions to the earlier settler, I would like to see, after the horse slaughter plants are outlawed, the loyalty of the ox be recognized for their national contribution and have us concentrate on closing all slaughter houses inhumanely killing cattle once and for all as a joint effort.

  78. Anonymous says:

    "We've all done it for the love of the horse, not the money"??? Really? That's strange. Maybe Duquette should discuss this further with his partner Sue Wallis. I'm a businessman myself and think when going into a partnership with another businessperson, it is ideal to have the same goal/outcome. Is it to make money? Or is it to better the welfare of the horses. Because that is important as it sways the entire business practice one way or another depending on one's true motive. To say "both" would be one thing. But in this article, Duquette most likely did not discuss his answers with his Boss before he answered(as he has let his mouth and immaturity get him into trouble in other instances, example: bashing John Holland with libel in a public group via Facebook, ). In an interview with Brownfield Ag News( , the report was recorded on audio with Wallis who, when asked if slaughter was being pushed for horse welfare or money, proclaimed 'Of course it's for the money' a couple of times. So she makes it quite obvious what her intentions are regarding her group's slaughterhouse plans, yet the president of the groups states they are all about the welfare of the horses. The inconsistancies and blatant misleading of the public have been proof enough to me that this is everything BUT a good idea. That's another thing they taught us in school, trust your gut instinct. Nothing about a slaughter house smells good. And the behavior of its catalysts smells even worse. When is Rep. Wallis gonna teach her group members(whoops, I meant members and leader) to have some common sense and despite their arrogance, to watch what they type, even on Facebook? It is one thing to see the opposing sides bicker amongst themselves, but it's completely different to see a 'leader' stoop to the kindergarten level and resort to name calling and salt-rubbing wounds! I would expect that a group that is basing their entire industry on the assumption that 2 laws on the table now will not pass, would take more caution in the actions they partake in as to avoid the public's outrage when reading about it in the news. What happened to the professionalism expected out of leaders and business people? That was one of the first things I learned in business school, to treat everyone with the respect and appreciation as if they were a million dollar client. I see nothing here but pure embarassment for the industry and I suspect that once the public grasps what type of person is 'leading' this campaign (and all of the $$ behind it), there will be an uprising. And my bets are that though little has been heard from the HSUS since the passing of the Ag Bill, they are not finished yet. Matter of fact, I'd say they've been prepared for this for quite some time. I would not start sharpening those puntilla knives or dusting off that captive bolt gun just yet. I see some serious battles ahead of the proslaughter campaign....the animal welfare groups will put every last breath into the fight before they allow their horses to be at risk of theft and slaughter, or their children eating the meat of a human's companion at their elementary schools. A rude awakening is near.

  79. Anonymous says:

    BRAVO!!!!!Anonymous 12:19!!! Well said! Thank you! Yes we have not laid down yet!

  80. Anonymous says:

    "The same folks touting the Ban on Horse Processing are just as guilty of breeding to get a foal out of their beloved Spotty or Beauty that turns out to be a beloved piece of non productive trash until they can no longer keep the foal now grown and cannot find anyone with the same sentimental attachment as they to purchase or even take for free their result from their self-inflicted genetic genius product." Of course you are wrong about the above. Anti slaughter folks who breed are very careful to make sure they have a buyer for the result/or before breeding and they can afford it the result. Most, we are not saying all of anything because there ar bad apples in everything, but most anti-slaughter folks know the horror horses face when they get into the slaughter pipeline and do not want that to happen to an animal they have invested so much into. The only way their horse would get into the pipeline is that they were stolen or the owner was lied to. They would never sell their horses for a few bucks. Instead they would pay to have a vet come out and put the animal down if there was no other choice. Don't try and twist this sad overpopulation of horses on the very people who would never sell them out for money. Horse slaughter is only about money.

  81. Anonymous says:

    "We've all done it for the love of the horse, not the money"??? Really? That's strange. Maybe Duquette should discuss this further with his partner Sue Wallis. I'm a businessman myself and think when going into a partnership with another businessperson, it is ideal to have the same goal/outcome. Is it to make money? Or is it to better the welfare of the horses. Because that is important as it sways the entire business practice one way or another depending on one's true motive. To say "both" would be one thing. But in this article, Duquette most likely did not discuss his answers with his Boss before he answered(as he has let his mouth and immaturity get him into trouble in other instances, example: bashing John Holland with libel in a public group via Facebook, ). In an interview with Brownfield Ag News( , the report was recorded on audio with Wallis who, when asked if slaughter was being pushed for horse welfare or money, proclaimed 'Of course it's for the money' a couple of times. So she makes it quite obvious what her intentions are regarding her group's slaughterhouse plans, yet the president of the groups states they are all about the welfare of the horses. The inconsistancies and blatant misleading of the public have been proof enough to me that this is everything BUT a good idea. That's another thing they taught us in school, trust your gut instinct. Nothing about a slaughter house smells good. And the behavior of its catalysts smells even worse. When is Rep. Wallis gonna teach her group members(whoops, I meant members and leader) to have some common sense and despite their arrogance, to watch what they type, even on Facebook? It is one thing to see the opposing sides bicker amongst themselves, but it's completely different to see a 'leader' stoop to the kindergarten level and resort to name calling and salt-rubbing wounds! I would expect that a group that is basing their entire industry on the assumption that 2 laws on the table now will not pass, would take more caution in the actions they partake in as to avoid the public's outrage when reading about it in the news. What happened to the professionalism expected out of leaders and business people? That was one of the first things I learned in business school, to treat everyone with the respect and appreciation as if they were a million dollar client. I see nothing here but pure embarassment for the industry and I suspect that once the public grasps what type of person is 'leading' this campaign (and all of the $$ behind it), there will be an uprising. And my bets are that though little has been heard from the HSUS since the passing of the Ag Bill, they are not finished yet. Matter of fact, I'd say they've been prepared for this for quite some time. I would not start sharpening those puntilla knives or dusting off that captive bolt gun just yet. I see some serious battles ahead of the proslaughter campaign....the animal welfare groups will put every last breath into the fight before they allow their horses to be at risk of theft and slaughter, or their children eating the meat of a human's companion at their elementary schools. A rude awakening is near.

  82. Anonymous says:

    I am not a livestock producer. I am reading these comments as an unbiased bystander. From what I am reading some comments are intelligent and informative while others lack base. Lacking in logical content compared to other comments is the address to President Obama and lethal injection as the only means for humane killing of horses. The emotional Anti-slaughter comments seem to be lacking content.

  83. Anonymous says:

    Kind of funny that out of that whole post you don't like "our" horses. Didn't find anything else in it? Hmmm!!! I was just a general reference not meaning "your" horse. You can kill your own horse and eat it too if that is what you like. Get a grip! Just because you own an animal it does not give you the right to treat it cruelly, abuse or torture it. There are animal welfare laws no matter what kind of animal you own. Many horses that find their way to slaughter are not there because the owner wanted them there. Many are stolen either out of barns and pastures or people are lied to about getting them a good home. So they could be anyones horses including my own.

  84. Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous on November 25 at 10:10 AM; The true Breeders are not over breeding. Registrations are down at the AQHA and other Registries. The economy manipulates demand and The professional Breeder does not exceed that demand and breeds what they need for clients, personal and replacement breeding horses. The same folks touting the Ban on Horse Processing are just as guilty of breeding to get a foal out of their beloved Spotty or Beauty that turns out to be a beloved piece of non productive trash until they can no longer keep the foal now grown and cannot find anyone with the same sentimental attachment as they to purchase or even take for free their result from their self-inflicted genetic genius product. Now lay off the "Breeders Stop Breeding!" You Backyard Animal Rights Folks, The first to scream about horse slaughter are the first to want a colt from their mare. Keep Beauty a virgin and quit producing Sentimental Garbage no one but you wants.

  85. Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous on November 25 at 8:44 AM: Granted there are a lot of folks breeding that do not understand the genetics, The backyard novice breeder is where most of the puke-horse production comes from you are speaking of. They are dumped at a sale or some ranch pasture, National Forest or Grassland as they can no longer afford care since there is no marketability on a skinny horse. Do Not get onto the Rancher with a breeding program and even reference the two types of breeder in the same category. Your people have been stereotyping horse breeders as one and all. Best quit that Animal Nazi mentality. Speaking for our program, I have already sold 12 colts out of our 2012 colt crop coming in the Spring. That is half what we expect to be born out of the two dozen mares we bred. We do not stand our Stallions to the public. Our success rate is extremely high due to our highly predictable breeding coefficients (which most do not understand) with our program which is the result of years of research on genetic flaws in desirable candidates for the breeding program. Our program defies the laws of genetics in that each crop gets better. We breed for correct self carriage in athletic ability and cow sense as a bonus. We breed a horse to be an extension of our own legs which is an intelligent, light, responsive, naturally rounded individual capable of lateral movement and a ground covering stride. Easy keeping, soundness, hardiness, longevity, disposition and without flaw. Yes! I said; without genetic flaw. (Impossible? NO!) Such as the right front clubbed foot that plagues many breeds today. I have found the culprits producing that masked dominant gene and therefore do not have them in the background of my program. Our horses excel in many different riding disciplines with International Championships in Europe and North America. Almost any tried become a Champion or winner. We are Futurity Champion Breeders and do not just sell our colts to anyone. I am disliked by many in the industry for my bluntness and frankly, they don't know how little I care. We have already been judged by the best qualified judges and do not need to be scrutinized by the unqualified Animal Nazi, equine hobbyist or the All-Over-The-Board-Fad-Breeder with a couple of personal horses that only they could love. Where do you get your figures? The average horse owner I see have backyard horses and competition horses and care well for them without throwing away tons of money on unnecessary crap. I do have a half-dozen horses here that I have taken on from some owners down on their luck in this economy but far from being the over whelming majority the Animal Rights Folks want to project as the norm and "Abused". There is a definite need for a place for many unwanted useless horses to be sold while still in condition, without the frontal lobe, the horse is thinking of eating and not reasoning the fact that this is the end when being sold to the processing plant. Many horse owners do not sell their horses for fear of going to Mexico where regulations on method of killing are crude. We need places here in the USA with regulated humane methods strictly adhered to. As for our Stallions and mares, we keep backup horses for replacements as they cannot be bought easily. We have an almost exclusive controlled breeding program. Should a horse become unusable and uncomfortable and no longer have a good quality of life, I put our horses down with one shot from a .22 mag HP for an instant death. They don't even hear the sound, it is so quick. I do not waste the protein (Not one horse has complained about this yet). I do not poison the carcass, by the use of two 60cc cruel syringes full of Chemical Euthanasia solution. Being put peacefully to sleep is a deception. If a person who can no longer afford to maintain their horse is required to come up with $350 to Euthanize and dispose of the carcass, They might as well put that cash back into keeping the horse, you f

  86. Anonymous says:

    "But we are against the cruel and inhumane treatment of our horses in slaughterhouses." So my horses belongs to everyone? Even though I am the one paying all the bills and expenses on it. Doesn't make sense. I thought that they were classified as personal property, I pay a personal property tax on them every year. So how did they become "our horses"? I don't go around claiming that your personal property is mine and telling you what you can and can't do with it. So why do that to me? It is my choice how I depose of it not yours. If you dont want to send your horse to slaughter then dont, but dont tell me I dont have that choice.

  87. Anonymous says:

    Also please consider that is the US starts slaughtering horses again then as a country we have failed our residents----all of them. To the breeders---stop over breeding and then remember that SPEND A BUCK who won that Derby came from a hack farm---off of the rental line. Hence to feed more, why not stop over breeeding!

  88. Anonymous says:

    NO TO SLAUGHTERHOUSES BECAUSE YOU CANNOT THE HAY, ESPECIALLY DOWN IN TEXAS.Feed them a mash instead, less than $50 per horse fed twice a day. Slaughter was ended/stopped in this country for a purpose PLEASE DO NOT REINSTATE THESE HORRIBLE PLACES FOR BECAUSE HAY IS HIGH THIS YEAR> Next year it will most likely cost less. To all who may wish for the healthful suppliment to hay Horse Mash, please contact me at Expensive Hay is NOT the only way keep horses fed and happy=====in times of need there are less expensive alternatives that will healthy, fed, strong and happy!

  89. Anonymous says:

    Dear President Obama, since you agree horse slaughtering plants need to be reopened in the United States Of America - perhaps you'll find your next job there. I hope you enjoy hearing the horses scream from pain & fear. I hope you enjoy seeing them having their legs torn from their bodies while they are helpless at the hands of 'humans' they should trust. Perhaps you should even participate in the cutting of their throats and help with the clean-up and disposal of their blood and organs. Then prepare your family a meal from the horse you just took the life of.

  90. Anonymous says:

    There is no humane method for killing horses except for lethal injections which make their 'meat' unsafe for human consumption. Bute and all the de-wormers and other meds us horse-caring folks give our horses to keep them happy & heathly aren't safe for human consumption either. Why on God's green earth would people want to eat 'meat' of horses when it's not even fed to dogs any longer after being proven to be unsafe?! I pray God has mercy on your souls as I sure as hell won't. Next thing you know, they will want to start slaughtering babies, humans, children that are born with deformities or illness that will prevent them from contributing to the size of their wallets.

  91. Anonymous says:

    The mass production breeders absolutely DO breed on the basis of producing large numbers of horses with the hope of getting a star. Apparently you’ve never attended an auction in late summer or fall to watch the culls being sold for $25 to the kill buyers. As a ‘successful horse rancher’ how many horses do you produce on an annual basis and where do you ship your culls? Being in this industry you know as well as I do that there are a heck of a lot more foolish breeders than there are good ones. You know the type, the ones who strictly breed for color regardless of conformation and those who think their unhandled stallion is something special because it’s papers show the name of a famous horse 5 generations back. The expenses of the average horse owner are realistic. The average horse owner does not own a facility and most are not equipped to train. By ‘facility’ I mean more than a cleared area with barbed wire. Not all of us live in a sunshine state. Without a covered or indoor arena we would be grounded for 6 months out of the year. I know very few horse owners who can spend $30,000 - $100,000 on building a training facility. With regard to humane euthanasia, I’m not against using a well-placed bullet. The captive bolt does not provide a humane death, it isn’t meant to. It’s designed for stunning cattle, not killing horses. With longer necks and a highly developed flight or fight response than cattle, it usually takes several hits with the bolt before the horse is temporarily stunned. Go read the testimonies of the slaughter house workers and those by the USDA inspectors and plant vets who testified that not only did the horses regain consciousness, they were able to feel pain. So too were the foals that were cut out the mares and thrown into the offal pile and left to die. Horses are not and will not be slaughtered to feed pound and rescue dogs or starving kids in third world countries. Horse meat is a high end item that sells overseas for upwards of $17 per pound. Back in the 70’s, once dog owners found out what was really in that can of Alpo, pet food manufacturers stopped using horse meat. You’re correct about one thing. the slaughter plants didn’t poison the horses. They already were loaded with banned medications upon arrival. You’re wrong about the grazing patterns of wild horses. They do not stay in one area and eat until there’s nothing left but dirt. Unless of course the fencing put up by ranchers prohibits them from moving on. By size and volume, cattle consume more and cause more damage than horses. Ranchers absolutely want more public land for grazing purposes which greatly reduces feed expenses. If they didn’t, the wild horse issue would be a non issue. Sue Wallis is what she is and she makes no attempt to hide it. The oil and cattle industries run D.C., not the HSUS. I don’t always agree with HSUS and I abhor the tactics used by PETA, but without such organizations school kids would still be eating sick, downer cows and the city people would still have no idea where their food comes from or the inhumane conditions of CAFO’s. By the way, the turkey turned out great! It was purchased from a local farm and lived its relatively short life outside of a cage and without being pumped full of drugs.

  92. Anonymous says:

    Dave Duquette is a clown. I once watched him doing a barrel race on a pony with his feet nearly dragging on the ground and nearly braking that poor pony in half with his fat belly . But that's besides the point . The points are: There is no way to slaughter horses humanely , especially in slaughter houses . Proof: look here They had a horse slaughter plant in their community so they know what it was like . Feast your eyes on the photographic evidence from USDA inspectors, not PETA . Read testimonials from slaughter house workers about legs torn off living horses , eye-balls hanging out , foals cut out of their mothers and left to die on the killing floor, people hurt , community devastated and still paying for the clean up. People who advocate for slaughter have no idea what it means .

  93. Anonymous says:

    But tell me how can you or any American can support the GAO report when they lied. They said in the GAO report that the horse slaughter house in Illinois that was burned down, was burned down by horse advocates. But if you pull the police report there in no finding of what caused the fire. So how can anyone beleive anything in this report when they make this very public mistake. I don't believe this report nor do I believe the status that this government agency once upheld as being the just and truthful reporting agency of the US government. I now doubt all their reports.

  94. Anonymous says:

    The horse slaughter facilitators have misread what was written in the GAO report AND the significance of the elimination of the language defunding USDA inspections of horse slaughter facilities in the Ag portion of the Appropriations Bill. The GAO report did mention the possibility of the plants closing in 2007 had unintended consequences of contributing to abuse and neglect, although there is no proof of this. Approximately the same amount of horses that were slaughtered in the U.S. are now imported to Canada and Mexico, which is about 1% of the American horse population, means there was no real increase. The sorry state of the economy is more likely to be the main factor for abuse and neglect. The GAO also stated that banning slaughter in the U.S. and preventing horses from being shipped to slaughter over the border might not be a bad idea. Secondly, the defunding language was removed from the bill because it is a moot point to defund an industry which no longer exists and needs not be mentioned. It is far more difficult to start up and industry than to modify its federal inspection parameters and has dealt a fatal blow to the horse slaughter industry. Now that the public is aware and well versed in what is wrong with slaughtering horses, it is unlikely that they will ever be slaughtered here again. Even if there are states which permit horse slaughter, they will not be commercially viable for sales outside of those states or cross state lines. Even if they breed and raise horses specifically for slaughter so they don't contain the toxic drugs that American horses typically ingest, they will still be limited to selling within the state's borders, and probably not have nearly the profits they would receive from European export of horse meat.

  95. Anonymous says:

    First of all, why would anyone interview Dave Duquette or Sue Wallis about anything? The pro-slaughter people would have you believe that the horses go skipping willingly down a path lined with flowers to a peaceful and welcome death. Please visit and see for yourselves what horse slaughter is all about! 93% of horses going to slaughter are healthy young horses. The people of Europe don't want tough, old, sick horse meat. And their market is dwindling as we speak. They are finding out that American horses aren't raised for food and are full of cancer-causing drug residues. Why do you think we stopped feeding horse meat to our pets? Because it was KILLING THEM!!!

  96. Anonymous says:

    Aren't you all of you happy about this! Now you can add horses to factory farming, raise them in a veal box, whatever, grind them up and put it your cow and chicken feed. Need a star reiner or cutter, not a worry just breed about 200 to see if you get one. Shoot you can probably get $500/head for all those culls, you are going to get rich, they are your livestock and your property! Heck with those animal activist, their crazy and going to the devil anyway. Doesn't matter what 70% of the US thinks, only thing that's important is green and resting in my wallet.

  97. Anonymous says:

    oneitsjustme please show me the data on the increase in abandonments and neglect because of the slaughter houses closing? Horse slaughter is still available so why would you say the closings were the reason? If you look at Canada, they have the same rate of abandonment and neglect even though they have legal horse slaughter houses. Where is your proof that the closing are the cause of neglect? Even the GAO didn't show the proof. It only suggested it. The slaughter house owners that moved from Illinois to Canada were the ones who dumped horse blood on a field near a river in Canada. There was a video of the process and the plant was fined. Of course they left before paying the fine and closed the plant. A lot of this stuff you can just google plenty of youtube videos you can look at. Cavel only paid its $167,000 fine just before they went into court to get a TRO. Otherwise they wouldn't have paid their fines either. Also Kaufman, Texas also had a problem with pollution from the plants. Check for the violations by googling Dallas Crown Horse Slaugter Plant or something similar. Or just google horse slaughter and take your pick. Much info out there if you just look for it. And Dairy Farmer, you did a really good job on name calling yourself. On one is stopping you or your dairy cows from doing what you do. We want to stop the cruelty of horse killing. Again, most anti horse slaughter people do not care if you go out to the back forty and kill and eat your own horse. You can even crawl into it nake as far as I care. But we are against the cruel and inhumane treatment of our horses in slaughterhouses. There is never an excuse for cruelty. Anonyomus 3:45 based on the recent arrests at the border, paperwork has been falsified and coggins test used for horses other then the ones the test was for. Kill buyers use the same coggins tests for horse after horse. Based on just this one rejection at the border one can only summize that kill buyers are doing nothing but lying about their load of horses.So who would you believe? A KB who is lying on their paperwork and saying the horses never had banned drugs. The EU has been notified and they are tightening restrictions. And the USDA will be addressing the drug issue soon if plants are ever going to open. One more time, despite what Wallis says bute by FDA rules does not have a withdraw time and is banned in animals for human consumption. These are not anti-slaughter peoples rules this is the meat inspection rules. I am not formilar with cattle getting bute but my understanding is that bute is still banned in cattle. So I wouldn't tell anyone about what you put in your cattle. And remember people we are talking about horse slaughter. Not cattle, pigs, sheep or anything else. We are talking about domestic horses and foreign markets since that is the only market for horse meat. Horses are not raised for food no matter what one of you said. They are raised as work animals, show and pleasure animals. Yes in the past they were eaten but they haven't been in years and years and there is no reason to try and sell this meat to the American public. Its not going to happen. Remember that most polls show that 70 to 75% of American's are against horse slaughter.

  98. Anonymous says:

    We who oppose horse slaughter will work to ban slaughter, transport to slaughter, and defunding of horsemeat inspection. Doesn't matter how long it takes. 70% of Americans oppose horse slaughter, and we will prevail. Sue Wallis and her small band of twisted cronies are thirsty for blood money and they don't care that animal abuse and lying is their chosen method for creating income. Animal abuse and neglect is a byproduct of an ailing economy, NOT due to ending horse slaughter.

  99. Anonymous says:

    How can you justify the need to kill horses, to me there is NO humane way to kill them, Americans do not eat horses and we do not want them slaughtered, I think that greed is behind the reason that the government is wanting to re open the slaughter plants. Yes there is a lot of neglect going on with the horses, but is that a reason to kill them, I mean how would you like to be hauled somewhere, run out of a trailer that you have been crammed in for hours with to many others, you have had no food or water no rest, having no room at all to move comfortably, put in a chute and have someone take a bolt gun to your head supposedly to stun you ( that doesn't work) and have your throat cut while you are fully aware what is going on. Or have a sharp knife stabbed in your kneck to sever your spinal cord. I do not think that you would like that very much now would you. This is a sickening thing that happens every day to a horse that is not hurt sick od dying, they want the healthy ones because they bring in more money, so do not say that it is to help with the horses that are sick hurt neglected or dying from some disease, because that is NOT the case!!!!!!!

  100. B. oneitsjustme says:

    Wow. It never ceases to amaze me how polarized people get when talking about horses. As a trainer for 35 years I see both sides making some ways. Truth is that by ending the practice it made things worse for horses by increasing abandonment and neglect. It also collapsed a major industry at the auction block. It reminds me of that old saw about God. Paraphrased it would be: I don't have a problem with horses, it's the fans I can't abide. Chill people.

  101. Anonymous says:

    "It's so funny how pro slaughter supporters blame anti supporters for haulting illegal operated plants. Not to mention they are waiting for anti to save all horses when they are the ones creating the problems we see today " It has never been illegal to slaughter horses in the U.S. and it is still legal to do so. Just another incorrect statement made by another misinformed Anti-slaughter person. So sad that they are not getting the true facts presented to them.

  102. Anonymous says:

    Dave Duquette ... a real class act

  103. Anonymous says:

    To the Anonymous commenter at 12:17 AM on Nov. 24th: What and where was a Slaughter house able to dump blood, guts and fecal matter into a river? What community was affected by this with blood seeping int homes? Why would they not render the whole horse blood, bone, guts etc. into useful by-product for a profit as with chicken processing plants that utilize even the feathers? It would seem a waste to much to believe.

  104. Anonymous says:

    To the Wiki commenter, This too needs to be contributed to Wikipedia; I also read where the Mexican drug cartels are making Mexican sausage of their victims and sending it back to the US mixed with the horse/beef burgers, all hidden inside bales of marijuana to be smuggled into the USA successfully.

  105. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous on November 24 at 3:33 PM; OMG!!! You would base your research on likes of helter skelter resourced sensationalism by the likes of Wikipedia or even worse yet Google?

  106. Anonymous says:

    To Anonymous on November 24 at 12::38 PM, Who thinks he is a "Big Bad Anti-Slaughter Person", You really scare me Mr/Ms Anonymous 12:38. For your information, when selling a horse destined for domestic slaughter will most probably be required a source verification on that animal as with other livestock and even produce. Animals intended for slaughter will have a with-holding period on any drugs if administered. The old days of loading a crippled horse up with bute then hitting it up with Ace (brake fluid) since he became sound on bute and felt too good, are gone gone with domestic horse processing. If the animal is sold and the verification falsified it will come back to bite you on the butt in the form of a big fine and possible prison time. That animal had better test clean of drugs. DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER WITH THAT DRUG DANGER ACCUSATION!

  107. Anonymous says:

    "It's so funny how pro slaughter supporters blame anti supporters for haulting illegal operated plants. Not to mention they are waiting for anti to save all horses when they are the ones creating the problems we see today " It has never been illegal to slaughter horses in the U.S. and it is still legal to do so. Just another incorrect statement made by another misinformed Anti-slaughter person. So sad that they are not getting the true facts presented to them.

  108. Anonymous says: Horse slaughter is the practice of slaughtering horses for meat. These animals come from mainly from auctions, where they're sold by private sellers and breeders. Often horses are sent to auction and sold to slaughter without the owner's knowledge or consent by trainers, leasers, caretakers and horse traders.[citation needed] According to the USDA in 2006, 92% of American horses being slaughtered at US plants were in good health. Rarely are these horses are sick and injured,[1] as those horses have trouble withstanding the long, crowded transportation conditions to slaughter plants. Most horses bound for slaughter are brought to the slaughterhouses by contract buyers who drive around the country buying horses at auction, who are also known as kill buyers. About 90% of the horsemeat is exported for human consumption overseas, where it sells for approximately the same price as veal.[2] The rest goes to zoos. Horsemeat was outlawed in pet food in the 1970s. Slaughter of horses is opposed of by the vast majority of Americans, as shown in multiple professionally-conducted surveys.[3] Horses are widely perceived as companion animals like cats and dogs, or deserving of humane consideration because of their roles serving Americans as working animals and for sport - and because they are not bred or raised for food in the U.S. In addition, the routine abuse and inhumane treatment horses are subjected to in the slaughter pipeline has created strong objection from horse owners to the industry's continued usage of American horses. American horse meat raises a number of potential health concerns, mainly due to the routine usage of medications in horses banned in food animals, and the lack of tracking of this usage in horses. Unlike livestock raised for food, where all potential medications are tested for withdrawal times; approved or banned for usage, and vigilantly tracked for each animal, there is no way to guarantee which medications have or have not been used in a particular horse. In fact, The European Commission Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) found serious violations during inspections conducted in November and December 2010 of EU regulated plants in Mexico slaughtering horses for human consumption.[4] Most American horses destined for slaughter end up at EU regulated plants in Mexico and Canada. The meat of some horses killed in Mexico are mixed with beef and sold back to unsuspecting United States consumers. Horses, unlike traditional food animals in the United States, are not raised or medicated during their lifetime with the intent of one day becoming human food. Because American horses are not "intended" for the human food chain, throughout their lives they will often have received medications that are banned by the FDA for use at any time during the life of food animals

  109. Anonymous says:

    "It's so funny how pro slaughter supporters blame anti supporters for haulting illegal operated plants. Not to mention they are waiting for anti to save all horses when they are the ones creating the problems we see today " It has never been illegal to slaughter horses in the U.S. and it is still legal to do so. Just another incorrect statement made by another misinformed Anti-slaughter person. So sad that they are not getting the true facts presented to them.

  110. Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous on November 24 at 2:24 PM. Amen! Very well put Right On!

  111. Anonymous says:

    I happen to have a heart condition and have had a stroke and plan to kill and butcher a contrary, grass fed gelding this year for our home freezer. The highly flavorful, very healthy, low cholesterol meat will be for our family use alone. I also keep our own home raised grass fed beef in another of our three freezers. After speaking with Europeans and some Canadians who have horse as part of their diet, it is considered by some as the meat of choice.

  112. Anonymous says:

    USDA inspected meat plants are charged a government fee for inspectors. They cannot hire their own paid inspectors.

  113. Anonymous says:

    I am very surprised that a farm-based site as this allows anti-farming trash riddled and seething with outright lies to be spewed here. Although I am a dairy farmer, I am not quite "big enough" to be considered a targeted audience, but none-the-less I know about animal based agriculture-unlike the self-rightious anti-slaughter bimbos commenting here. While the breeding of my cows is geared towards milk production, EVERYONE of them are also bred for beef. When it is no longer profitable for dairy to produce milk, they are humanely slaughtered and end up at Wendys or BurgerKing ect. as safe, affordable, high protein food. It is also the same with my horses. Even though the breeding is geared for a purpose, EVERYONE of them is also bred for the horse-meat market. And here is where the lies begin from the anti-slaughter bimbos....Aside from SPECIFIC vaccines, my horses are given the EXACT same medications as my cattle-contrary to the Antis' LIE that horsemeat is tainted with drugs. Also contrary to what is speweds here by the antis, there IS a market which is GROWING for horsemeat, and, while the antis have a "holier-than-thou" attitude that they can dictate what people can eat, the consumers have a right to have their prefered meat inspected just as pork or beef consumers do. And, just as altenative livestock producers have the right to make an income from their livestock for food purposes, horse owners/breeders also have that right. VERY Childishly, the antis, with their anti-American/anti-Capitalist, pro-communist viewpoints resort not only to outright lieing, but name-calling and personally attacking anyone who doesnt share their ideals-as greatly evidenced in this thread. The truth is that NO ONE is forcing them to send their horses to slaughter-but they have the audacity to think they have the right to tell others what they can or cant do with their horses-they want their freedom but feel they can overrule the freedoms of others...they dont deserve to live in this contry.

  114. Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous 12:08 Nov 24, It is apparent from your figures on the costs of raising a horse you have no credentials or practicum in raising horses properly. Your knowledge is based on Assumption and found wanting. Your assumption of horse breeders being, "Their ‘logic’ is that the more horses they produce the greater the chance they will eventually produce one worth keeping" IS FALSE. Should a breeder not be able to produce within his market demands, he will not be a breeder much longer as he goes broke and even the horse meat market could not bail him out. Your expenditures for the average well conditioned horse based on the most expensive routine cost of an over priced boarding facility, farrier veterinarian. Is incorrect for the average horse owner using their own facilities and good judgement. Your mortality rate and cost is very high when compared to our ranch herd of over 40 years of successful horse ranching. Your assessed damage to BLM land of over grazing by horses verses cattle is incorrect. Your assumption of ranchers all receiving subsidized benefits is false. You assumption Ranchers do not want to feed their livestock is false. Unhealthy starved livestock does not sell. Your so called "Humane Euthanasia" I presume you mean chemical IV infusion? as opposed to the captive bolt or bullet is misleading and your reasons verses your inflated costs of keeping an average horse is false. Why waste the protein. Thank you for one more reason to have a processing plant, which does not poison the meat for animal consumption if not human. The dog rescues and county pounds, then have a source of feed cheaper than the commercial grain based dog food. On the reproduction of Equine. In a natural state the natural selection of highly prolific, surviving breeders are increased in time until thinned out as the food supply dwindles to starve down and build right back again as they move on to new food sources and repeat the process again, thus leaving in their wake a wasteland of girdled trees and close cropped grassland reduced to dirt and uneatable weeds. Now for name calling in reference to Representative Sue Wallis, Your tactics literally suck as totally baseless. Look who is the biggest lobbying deep pocketed animal rights gang in Washington DC, HSUS. Buying your politicians to further your propaganda and promote freedom killing, Anti Agriculture Bills into the House. Don't even go there with attacking Representative Sue Wallis with your juvenile name calling propaganda. How do you like it when so many refer to you all as the produce of a Moron Mill? I have to go out and tend to my livestock, I will be back there is much more I have to say. Mean while Have a nice Thanksgiving and enjoy your turkey, compliments of a Slaughter House.

  115. Anonymous says:

    It's so funny how pro slaughter supporters blame anti supporters for haulting illegal operated plants .Not to mention they are waiting for anti to save all horses when they are the ones creating the problems we see today

  116. Anonymous says:

    Hey sorry everyone!!I guess this site isn't putting names on any of the postings. I was just guessing it put my name on it automaticly. Now we can all hide in the dark of the anonymous name tag.

  117. Anonymous says:

    An for the other Anonymous on the bottom. Taxpayers MUST pay for USDA meat inspections so the taxpayers will be paying for these inspections if this comes about. It had gone to court several years ago when Cavel in Il wanted to pay for their own meat inspections and it was found to be against the law. Its like the fox watching the hen house. So you are wrong to say that the slaughter houses will pay for their own inspections. Its on the taxpayers, $5 million that could be used to keep teachers, police, firefighters and others working. This money could be well used elsewhere.

  118. Anonymous says:

    So Anonymous! One of the many. Afraid? Us BIG BAD Anti-Slaughter Horse Lovers might get you!! Horses are not yet raised for human consumption and many horse owners give them drugs that are legally banned. FDA legally BANNED! So feeding people meat that is not raised for human food is OK with you? Its OK with other farmers who work hard to keep the Arg business going and to keep consumers assured that their products are safe, clean and healthy for them? Do you want to destroy the whole farming indusrty by selling consumers toxic meat, here in the US or overseas?Bute can not be tested by a blood test despite what Wallis says. The FDA has banned bute and other drugs from food production animals and that is that. Talk about ill informed. Horse meat will never be part of the regular publics meat source. It was removed many years ago and we don't feed it to our dogs because people do not want their pets getting sick and the pet food industry will not take a chance of the lawsuits or the loss of business. The perfect example of this is when our dogs got sick from dog food that was made in China. How many of you still feed your dogs food from China? Not me my dog still suffers. This is something you all have to think about. Food safty, not just the money made on getting rid of a horse you no longer want to take care of. Horse slaughter is only about the money. And there is nothing stopping anyone from killing and eating THEIR own horse. Go right ahead! You know what you put in your horse and you have the right to eat it and get sick if that is what you want. Go for it! But food safety laws MUST stand if we as a food producing country are going to be able to sell our few products to consumers all over the world. And if you see a starving or abandoned horse shouldn't you step up and get it some help? Did you ever stop to ask someone who is starving their horse why? How about offering them a couple bales of hay or some help until the can get back on their feet? A starving horse has a chance to be found but a slaughtered horse has no chance. That is the problem today that people want to open horrible slaughter houses just so they don't have to look at the problem anymore. Buck up and help out someone in trouble and quit blaming others.

  119. Anonymous says:

    Hey Anonymous on eating dogs. Why don't you march up to the Pine Ridge and Rosebud People and tell them what they can and cannot eat according to you? Who died and left you people in charge to dictate others on what diet they must abide by?

  120. Anonymous says:

    (continued) In some areas this illegal activity caused blood products to seep into homes. Property values plummeted and equine abuse, neglect and theft cases rose. The pro-slaughter proponents claim that all horse owners need the slaughter option. Using the accepted livestock mortality rate of 15%, nearly 1.4 million equines die each year in the US. The owners of 99% of those horses chose not to ship to slaughter. The remaining one percent will use a variety of excuses to justify their decision to not use humane euthanasia. From cost of euthanasia to wanting to set a minimum value, the arguments of the pro slaughter fringe group have consistently been proven false. The humane euthanasia and disposal of a horse costs approximately $350. This amount is typically less than the cost of providing 30 days of appropriate care. Let’s put this into more prospective for those who do not own horses. The cost to breed a mare and raise a foal can easily exceed $7,000 before the offspring is old enough to be introduced to saddle training. Training costs upwards of $400 per month. The cost of a bare basic every day saddle starts at $500. A high quality or custom show saddle can easily exceed $5,000. One year of boarding, veterinary and farrier care will cost about $6,000. The cost to provide humane euthanasia pales in comparison. With regard to the minimum value argument I challenge readers to name a single industry (other than farming/ranching) in which the producer is guaranteed a minimum financial return for an unwanted or unmarketable product. This is exactly what the pro slaughter fringe group wants – a guaranteed per pound return for the masses of horses they continue to produce regardless of a dwindling market. Their ‘logic’ is that the more horses they produce the greater the chance they will eventually produce one worth keeping. The American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) firmly supports this illogical approach as do many other breed registries. To them breeding isn’t about improving breed characteristics, it’s only about the income received from registrations. For the AQHA registrations alone generate well over $5 million dollars in revenue each and every year. Instead of using any profits to fund gelding clinics or to provide financial aid to members needing to euthanize horses they chose to buy a politician to lobby on their behalf. One of the most fanatical of the fringe group is Wyoming Representative Sue Wallis, not so affectionately known as Slaughterhouse Sue. Although Sue does not own a single horse, she proclaims to be all knowing messiah of the equine industry. While her illogical rants can sometimes be amusing, they’re mostly rather frightening. She’s not just another misinformed, ignorant, nut job. She’s a member of our federal government who has created non-profit corporations to further her desire to slaughter horses. Here’s a glimpse into her psychological makeup. While the vast majority of people were disgusted and nauseated by the nude couple who butchered and then crawled inside of their dead horse’s body, Sue saw nothing wrong with this deplorable act. Even more frightening is Sue’s claim that there’s nothing wrong with consuming horse flesh. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Granted, 80 – 90 years ago some Americans turned to horse flesh as a source of protein during the worst of times. This was well before the now common administration of a multitude of medications. Horses in the U.S. are not raised as food producing animals. We consider our horses to be companions and working animals. As such, we give our horses antibiotics when they are ill, dewormers to control parasite loads, bute or banamine to relieve discomfort, and use topicals such as furazone to treat wounds. The majority of these substances are completely banned from use in food producing animals. Bute, which is as common to horses as aspirin is to humans, is a known carcinogen as is furazone. Even pet food manufactur

  121. Anonymous says:

    How to Save $90,000,000 Per Year Between the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) program to eliminate wild horses and the inclusion of language in the 2012 Agriculture Bill that will allow funding of USDA inspectors in currently non-existent horse slaughtering plants, US taxpayers are on the hook for $90,000,000 per year. Approximately $85M will be spent by the BLM in 2012 and every succeeding year in an effort to eliminate wild horses. Another $5M has been allocated to fund USDA inspections in proposed horse slaughtering facilities. Who benefits from this taxpayer subsidy? Foreign owned corporations that have and will pay little to no income tax; ranchers who don’t want to purchase feed for the livestock they raise; irresponsible horse owners; and select politicians who represent the interests of ranchers. At one time in our not so distant past an estimated 3 million wild horses roamed the west. That number has declined to approximately 35,000 due to the BLM’s mismanaged land use policies and a concerted effort by ranchers to eliminate all competition for forage. BLM roundups have forced another 40,000 equines to live out their lives in pens under inhumane conditions and without proper veterinary or farrier care. The use of PZP and the proposed gelding of all captured stallions will further decimate the few remaining herds. Why are these icons being removed? The answer is simple – livestock producers want more taxpayer owned land to graze their herds on. It’s much more advantageous to pay $1.35 per animal unit per month than it is to purchase feed. The already subsidized ranchers would like us to believe that without BLM intervention the population of wild horses will double every four years. They also claim that there isn’t enough forage or water sources to sustain the horses thereby implying that removal is in the best interest of the horses. These claims are false and contradictory. In order for the herds to double every four years, every single mare, even those too young or too old to reproduce, would have to give birth to a live foal every single year. All of the horses would also have to live on into infinity while remaining reproductively active. Neither is possible. The health of any herd is directly tied to food supplies and weather conditions. Without an abundance of forage and water, successful reproduction is not possible. The BLM and rancher claim of lack of forage is further countered by the fact that in many areas where horses were removed cattle took their place. Periods of drought and unusually harsh winters obviously cause a significant increase in death rates. Private horse breeders with access to top notch veterinary care typically have a 70% live foal rate, but we are expected to believe that wild horses have a 100% rate of success along with immortality. In the mid 1980’s approximately 350,000 wild and domesticated U.S. horses were slaughtered. In recent years the demand for horse meat has significantly decreased. Currently, slaughter houses in Mexico and Canada only have contracts to take in approximately 140,000 of the estimated population of 9.2 million U.S. equines. This is the same number of horses that were slaughtered each year when the last horse slaughtering facilities operated on U.S. soil. The last three horse slaughtering facilities were foreign owned and only provided a couple hundred low-paying jobs for undocumented workers. The profits made by these corporations were primarily generated from tax benefits allowed to foreign-owned businesses. While revenues were in the millions, only $5 of corporate income tax was paid by one of the plants. The cost to the communities in which these plants resided was astronomical. Regardless of the EPA bringing charges for violations, regulations continued to be ignored. The slaughter plants illegally dumped blood and other offal into rivers which fed local water supplies. In some areas this illegal activity caused blood products to s

  122. Anonymous says:

    To answer Anonymous @ 11:13AM and 11:33 AM, Nov 24: Wow! 75% of the people you say??? I did not realize there were that many uninformed illogical Ag-Ignorant people in the ranks of the "Tell Them How And What To Eat Society". Actually, Horse meat should be available to the public in the stores as an excellent healthy source of protein. Where do you get off calling supporters of processed horse meat lairs? Since when does one torture an animal before it is processed here in the USA? Adrenalin ruins taste, bad taste loses buyers, no buyers means no demand, no demand means no business, no business means no profits, no profits means no jobs. Now who is the LIAR? Liar!

  123. Anonymous says:

    For those blaming all horse breeders for the number of unwanted horses. The responsible true knowledgeable horse breeder with a program in demand by buyers seeking individual traits for their purposes of enjoying equine sports and activities, does not burden the tax payer or the public with a large numbers of unwanted horses. The smart breeder keeps their number of colt crops in check by the demand in order to keep the future demand for their breeding program. These horses so bred do not become an unwanted burden on the public. The public infeasible waste is: The numerous unwanted Feral "wild" horses that are protected to randomly breed plus the NEW "wild" herds showing up in our National Forests and BLM land are a problem. Stripping vegetation and inducing uncontrollable erosion to the landscape is a problem. The large protected feral herds acquired by the elite connected investors sucking like parasites upon the government to fund their reserves on the taxpayer is a problem. What would happen if the feral "wild" hog herds became protected from being killed and processed due to a group of pet pig owners thinking it unbearable for one to eat such a wonderful cute pet as theirs? The bottom line is, the unwanted horse had not become over abundant until the illogical legislative ban on USDA Inspection of processed horse meat.

  124. Anonymous says:

    The same number of horses are being slaughtered as when the US plants were open. If people are abandoning/neglecting their horses, opening plants here is not going to solve anything. The same number of horses will be slaughtered whether the plants are here or elsewhere. The number slaughtered is based on the demand, not the number available. Add to that, the majority of horses that will not meet food safety standards. You are seeing the same increases in countries that have slaughter plants. It is the economy. Animals of all species are being abandoned and neglected, not just horses. Nothing will change until the cause of excess horses is addressed. Killing the victims ensures that status quo that hasn’t corrected anything in decades.

  125. Anonymous says:

    Truth, justice, goodness always triumphs over GREED and EVIL. We who oppose horse slaughter will never stop. We get stronger. The Pro-slaughter, so-called, "gain," under devious and lying means, will not sustain.

  126. Anonymous says:

    ALL OF CONGRESS DID NOT CHANGE THE HORSE SLAUGHTER SITUATION. It was just 3 Congressmen on the Arg committee, sponsored by special interest, who took out the language behind closed doors where it was not voted on nor indorsed by all of Congress. We all know that Congress does not have time to read all the bill and to say that all Congress supports this is a lie. This was a MUST pass bill that Congress had no choice to pass at the time. These 3 Congressmen spoke against 75% of American's who are against horse slaughter. Horse slaughter supporters had not better start digging the hole for the plants yet. With 75% of American's against the torterous killing of horses, Wallis and her crew are going to have a fight. To Investors of this horrible blood thirsty industry, better wait before licking your lips and counting your blood money, this is not over yet.

  127. Anonymous says:

    Horses are and will always be LIVESTOCK! NOT PETS! Yes, we love our horses, but not every horse has a home or love. Being abandoned, starved and neglected is not the answer. Bringing back horse slaughter will strengthen the equine industry and help the overall economy and will provide something better than a slow painful death of starvation.

  128. Anonymous says: LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- The grandeur of horse racing is a sporting spectacle in Kentucky. It is a celebration of pomp and pageantry, woven in to the fabric of the Bluegrass State. Horse racing has a dark side, where once proud thoroughbreds are discarded after their days of glory (or more quickly after their days of defeat) on the track. Tens of thousands of thoroughbreds are still legally shipped to auctions where meat buyers transport them to slaughterhouses in Canada and Mexico.

  129. Anonymous says:

    It behooves me how the Jockey Club with its Thoroughbred horses bred for speed and not durability, is opposed to horse processing while they seem to be the largest contributor of unwanted, broken down horses used up and no longer serviceable. The hard keepers are not even good as pasture ornaments. It is evident with all the numerous "Thoroughbred Rescues" over loaded with and unable to care for thousands of genetically, non-durable wards needing the high maintenance care required. When the New Holland Sale had the Horse Processors properly disposing these crippled Thoroughbred race horses, they made up the largest percentage of horses contributing to the horse meat industry. It is beyond any reason, why, the Jockey Club, Thoroughbred Industry, should ever be taking a stand against the Horse Processing Industry. What other feasible alternative is available, besides this beneficial practice of supplying a source of valuable protein needed in the world?

  130. Anonymous says:

    Then why not slaughter dogs & cats so they can be eaten in foreign countries?

  131. Anonymous says:

    Stop blaming the closing of the slaughter plants back in 2007 for the starving and abandoned horses, it is the economy and the over breeding..

  132. Anonymous says:

    Thank you to some intelligent politicians that have come to realize that the equine in this country are suffering terribly because of some animal-rights groups that don't have the foggiest idea what it is to care for an animal from birth to a humane death. I have no tolerance for the animal rights people that think a humane death by captive bolt is worse than physical suffering & starvation due to lack of feed and water. I could not believe it when reading a post from an animal rights activist in the last few weeks that 'starving to death is painless'. That is the type of mentality our poor equine are paying for now since the slaughter facilities were closed. There are 8 horses about 10 miles from here that are slowly starving because the grass is gone, can I take them all in? No, my barn is full, and some I didn't want but tried to help. Will the authorities take them? No, they don't have any funds to take them. Will the local rescues take them? No, they are overfilled past capacity and can not take anymore in. The people that have these 8 horses bought them for under $50.00 a piece because there is no floor in the horse market now and thought that a 10 acre pasture would feed them 24/7 year round. When you anti-slaughter folks sit down to your big Thanksgiving dinner today please remember these poor animals that have no food, and will probably have starved to death in the next 30 to 60 days. Think about those horses when you go to bed tonight on a full tummy..........think about the difference between animal rights activists agendas and the true meaning of animal welfare.

  133. Anonymous says:

    there's never been a single study showing a positive correlation between availability of horse slaughter and reduced equine neglect/starvation/abandonment. Anyone who is objective, will, when presented with the facts, concede that slaughter has never had any impact on starvation and neglect. Here is some pertinent information you may want to use to try and educate your pro-slaughter member: - There has never, ever been a study proving a link between availability of slaughter and reduced equine neglect, including starvation. - We’re still sending the same number of American equines to slaughter as when the US plants were open and yet equine neglect has risen. That in itself is the best proof of a non-correlation between the two. - Correlation of increasing neglect and abuse of ALL animals, including equines, in periods of economic distress (specifically high unemployment) IS proven. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize we are facing the worst economic circumstances since the great depression today and that adverse animal welfare as a result is an unfortunate side effect. - A mere 1% of the American horse population ends up at slaughter every year. That will never be an effective population control method. And global demand for horse meat is on a downward trend, at the rate of -12% on average per year. - Record levels of adverse equine neglect are being experienced in countries like Canada and Ireland, who HAVE horse slaughter plants. - Anecdotally, there is increasing evidence availability of horse slaughter may actually increase equine neglect. Rescues are saying that people are saving horses from slaughter and hoarding them, when they cannot afford them. In addition, some people who are caught abandoning horses are saying they did it instead of taking the horses to auction, to avoid slaughter. Consider this quote from a state equine rescue manager: “It’s time to ban horse slaughter altogether. It would be at least one inhumane practice put to an end. I’ve been in horse rescue for years and I can tell you that the people who let horses starve in their backyards will always do so, selling them to auction is not an option for them BECAUSE of the slaughter threat-heaven forbid you suggest they even cut down. If slaughter were banned, more people would see auction as a viable way to re-home their horses since they don’t have to fear slaughter. For those who would “rather See a horse slaughtered than starved”; you have never in real life seen a horse slaughtered or you wouldn’t say that. At least starving horses can be and are often rescued. I really don’t understand how people think that a starving horse is the result of lack of slaughter when just as many horses are being slaughtered as ever before, if slaughter was the answer to starvation (omg, just saying that is crazy); we wouldn’t be seeing ever increasing #s of starving horses. We’re actually seeing people who can’t afford them “rescue horses from auction” because they might be slaughtered, and then starve in their backyards. So if anything, slaughter has been causing more horses to starve.” Slaughter has not worked so far to have any effect on equine neglect, nor is there any reason for us to believe it will, based on hard statistics and experience in the U.S. and elsewhere. The reason people want slaughter has nothing to do with equine welfare. It’s so that irresponsible breeders and owners can continue unfettered breeding and have an outlet to dump their less than perfect horses. Above is a quote from a friend.

  134. Anonymous says:

    We have all done it for the love of horses, wait you Dave and others have done it for the Horse Industry, not the horses. You have all said that over and over and yet you refuse to say exactly what your intentions is, the start the breeding and then using Horse slaughter as a dumping grounds for the horse that does not meet your standards as the Perfect Horse...

  135. Anonymous says:

    Thank you congress! because of the ban many good horses were being starved or abandoned. the rescues are full & over crowded with animals that they cant give away. Hopefully restoring this market will not only return a bottum to the industry, but will also feed people as well! A win-win!

  136. Anonymous says: Mayor of Kaufman, TX wants horse-slaughtering plant to close.

  137. Anonymous says:

    My thanks to Congress! Finally they are using a little common sense.In my area i have seen giveaway horses suffering.People who can't afford to feed them and take them because they are free.The law is turning there backs because they don't know what to do with them either.With the lack of hay and high feed costs the free and unwanted horses will not have to go without feed for months now.

  138. Anonymous says:

    I am grateful this has passed, I have seen too many starved and abandoned horses since the ban of horse slaughter. I am glad my tax dollars will no longer be used for our local law enforcement to pick up and investigate abandoned and/or neglected horses. The rescues we have will no longer be filled to such a capacity that they will have to turn horses away in order to not become like the situation in which the horses were rescued. My hope is that the people who are opposed to the reopening of horse slaughter will begin and fund their own rescue operations so that they will feel as though they are contributing in a purposeful way to their beliefs. In the meantime those of us who raise livestock wll be grateful for the knowledge that fewer horses will suffer.

  139. Anonymous says:

    While no one really wants to see horses go to slaughter, the alternative is too many horses are suffering and dying agonizing slow deaths, while they slowly starve. The people who think slaughter is an undignified way for a horse to die clearly haven't seen a horse starve to death. And no one said tax dollars would be appropriated for horse slaughter. The slaughter houses are businesses that function like any other. On the contrary, tax dollars ARE being used at county shelters across the country to feed horses that people have abandoned because they choose to feed their families first. I have also been told by many people, that if horse owners can't afford to pay the vet and the rendering plant to dispose of their horse that they shouldn't be allowed to own horses in the first place. What they fail to realize is that at one point, these people COULD afford their horses and then the economy tanked and they lost their jobs and they could no longer afford to feed them, let alone pay the $500 to euthanize and dispose of the carcass. It is against the law to bury horses in your backyard in most areas people! Please, if you are fortunate to be able to afford to euthanize your horse and pay the renderer $300 to pick it up, good for you, but do not lay a guilt trip on the people who can't afford to do that. Get off your high horse and have some empathy for crying out loud! Lastly, if you don't approve of slaughter, buy you have no other viable alternative, or are not willing to fork over the money yourself to solve the problem, then you really have no business bashing slaughter as a solution.

  140. Anonymous says:

    The inspectors will not cost taxpayers a dime. It will be done on a "Fee Based" and will be paid for by the processors. If you want to talk about spending taxpayers money how much is it costing for the expences placed on the local sherrfis epartments andd court systems for prosecuting all the extra cases created by the fact that horses have NO value and owners have NO choices. Or the $75 million each year it is costing the American Tax Payer to hold the "Wild" horses gathered up on BLM land and held in "Long Term Holding" pens?

  141. Anonymous says:

    I am so excited for the passing of this bill! The impact of taking away the right to slaughter horses has been devestating to the horse population. Humane horse processing is a much better route than sending them to Mexico, where no regulations are in place, which is happening even more with the shut down of the plants. THANK YOU united horsemen for your efforts in saving the horse industry.

  142. Anonymous says:

    The abandoning of horses is a problem that has been going on since the animal rights groups like PETA & HSUS lobbied to have the slaughter of horses banned in the US. Now , there is no outlet for old,dangerous, lame unwanted horses. It used to be you ...could send these horses to a sale and 'killer' buyers would by them for so much a pound, so you had a bottom price on any horse. It costs about $500 to have a horse put down by a vet & the carcass removed by the renderer. You can't just bury them like a cat or dog. Most horses are a business, so most people don't choose or can't afford to go that route. I know it sounds bad to say "shoot them", but actually that is the most humane & quickest way, even according to most vets. When we had the slaughterhouses running, that was also a humane end.Now, horses are sent to Mexico or Canada , where they don't have the regulations to make it humane & the horses sent there go through hell, not to mention the trampled in transport etc.There are horses dumped around here all the time. There is no room at the shelters & it is a growing problem. I love horses, but I can't afford to take in strays, my own horses would have to suffer on feed.Hay is up to $24.00/bail.We need a humane solution to be able to deal with these unwanted horses.The slaughterhouses reopenig would be a start. At least the meat could be used for dog food if not for human consumption, which I think with all the hungry people, this should also be an option.

  143. Anonymous says:

    Thank you congress! because of the ban many good horses were being starved or abandoned. the rescues are full & over crowded with animals that they cant give away. Hopefully restoring this market will not only return a bottum to the industry, but will also feed people as well! A win-win!

  144. Anonymous says:

    I'm thankful to the United Horsemen for taking the lead on this deeply, polarizing, emotional issue. It took great courage to stand up to the Animal Rights movement, but ultimately facts and common sense prevails. We NEED humane horse harvesting in THIS country. American Horses are far to much a part of our culture, history and traditions to disrespect them by allowing them to go beyond our boarders for processing.

  145. Anonymous says:

    Anyone can see that this is a win for overbreeding of horses, culling of horses that can't make it on the track, and irresponsible horse ownership. This is not a win for horses in any way shape or form. Of course it looks good on a farm web. One can now breed as many horses as one wants, the market will improve so they can sell them, and buyers can secure an animal that they can send to slaughter when they're tired of it. This, for an animal that allowed man to break into new frontiers and grow into what we are today - on their backs. Ridiculous to call this humane. Humans are a sad lot.

  146. Anonymous says:

    I'm not going to have my tax dollars appropriated for horse slaughter. United horsemen is a farse. It should be called united horse slaughterer. There goes the price of your beef and hogs guys.