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Monsanto To Appeal Brazilian Ruling on Roundup Ready Patent Term Correction

The Supreme Court of Brazil ultimately to hear and decide the patent term correction case pending the outcome of the appeals process in the lower court

Published on: Feb 25, 2013

Monsanto Company Thursday announced plans to file an immediate appeal of a recent ruling by a single judge of the Brazilian Superior Court of Justice, relating to the company's request for term correction of a patent covering its Roundup Ready soybean product.

The company will move forward with the next phase of the appeals process to secure its intellectual property rights and ensure its business is not disrupted in the country.

Monsanto has previously obtained patent protection in Brazil for its first-generation Roundup Ready soybean products. In accordance with Brazilian law, Monsanto has sought to correct the term of its patent rights in Brazil to conform to the 2014 patent term granted in the United States.

Supreme Court of Brazil to hear patent term correction case pending the outcome of the appeals process in the lower court
Supreme Court of Brazil to hear patent term correction case pending the outcome of the appeals process in the lower court

This ruling represents one intermediate step in the ongoing legal process within the country. Monsanto will seek review of that decision by a full panel of judges of the Superior Court of Justice.  Additionally, Monsanto has previously filed an appropriate appeal which has been admitted to be heard by the Supreme Court of Brazil. The Supreme Court ultimately will hear and decide the patent term correction.

"We plan to file an immediate appeal with the Superior Court of Justice and look forward ultimately to presenting our case to the Supreme Court of Brazil at a later date," said Todd Rands, Monsanto's Legal Director for Latin America.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    India have to be admired for standing up to Monsanto Geo seeds will kill the planet, just like the its killing the bees. Theirs seeds in India devasted India farmers several . Several farmers too their lives on the coton plantation. Now Monsanto Geo seeds are Ban from india. Us farmers should dothe same. Dont sell our land for a few years of profit. And then what?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ban monsanto its going to destroy the world its already killing the bees

  3. Anonymous says:

    Monsanto is already suing every farmer whom has their GMO seeds blow into their fields. Now Monsanto is working to create GRASS. They want to sue every man women, and child that ends up with GMO's blowing into their yards. This company is the worst company on the entire planet. Even surpassing the Koch brothers.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Throw the buggers out of Brazil, dont let them destroy what is left

  5. tournoir says:

    Monsanto is always fighting for its patents. I thought they had expired, especially for the Round-up Ready seeds, but no, they were extended--at least in this country, and I'm not sure where else! How do you extend a patent? Expired is expired! Are they so unable to do some creative thinking and find new ways to generate their unacceptably gross profit margins, that they have to spend 25% +/- of their profit on lawsuits and appeals? My god.....

  6. Anonymous says:

    be some judges with money under the table now

    • tournoir says:

      That's the only way Monsanto survives--by buying off the politicians--or having the politicians in their back pocket. It's called working for the company.