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'So God Made A Farmer' Video Reaches 18 Million Views

$1 million donation is officially headed to FFA

Published on: Feb 14, 2013

FFA members everywhere should have a reason to celebrate this Valentine's Day as Ram Trucks announced today its "So God Made A Farmer" Super Bowl ad has surpassed 18 million views, more than exceeding the number needed to secure a $1 million donation to the FFA.

Taking less than a week to reach and surpass the 10 million view milestone equating to the $1 million donation, the ad was praised for resonating with viewers by Olivier Francois, chief marketing officer for Chrysler Group.

"We set out to create a call-to-action to support farmers and to recognize their place as the foundation of the American character and are gratified with the dialog the video sparked," Francois said in a press statement.

$1 million donation is officially headed to FFA
$1 million donation is officially headed to FFA

The two-minute commercial aired during the Super Bowl on Feb. 3 and quickly spread through the ag community. Though some ag stakeholders weren't content with the portrayal of a modern farmer, most took the ad as a benefit to the industry and praised its ability to bring farmers into mainstream conversations.

More than 250 farm, ranch and agribusiness organizations signed on to a Feb. 7 letter addressed to Chrysler Group's CEO Sergio Marchionne thanking him for the commercial's "vital message" reminding viewers that "farmers and ranchers … must not be taken for granted."

"Over time we’ve wrestled with how best to remind America that farming and ranching isn’t a 9-to-5 job, and although tough, it’s our life’s work and a life we eagerly and proudly embrace," the letter said. "We wanted you to know your commercial is very much appreciated."

The video also launched the Ram Truck brand's 2013 "The Year of the Farmer" campaign aimed at bringing national attention to the significance of the American farmer. The brand joins with the National FFA Organization and Case IH to generate funds for FFA hunger relief efforts in local communities across America.

"Ram scored a major win for American agriculture and our producers and ranchers with its 'Farmer' Super Bowl commercial and has sharply elevated the image of agriculture in the public's mind," said National FFA Organization CEO Dr. Dwight Armstrong. "This highly successful partnership with Ram through the National FFA Foundation has generated $1 million of new support for FFA that will be utilized to drive our 'Feeding the World-Starting at Home' initiative and other programs that will benefit our nearly 560,000 FFA members."

The "Farmer" video was inspired by the stirring "So God Made a Farmer" tribute delivered by legendary radio broadcaster Paul Harvey at the 1978 National FFA Convention.  

Images used in the commercial were captured in the U.S. over the course of 25 days. Many more of the commissioned images will appear in a book to be published later this year, Chrysler says, and part of the proceeds of book sales will go to agriculture and hunger related efforts across the country.

Additional details and timing for the book are still being finalized.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So sorry you are so mis-informed. In Texas in the Wintergarden region we grow crops year round. We plant, fertilize, weed, spray, plan and harvest daily. Our farmers and ranchers work before the sun comes up and long after it goes down, thanks to modern technology and lights on tractors and such. We don't have a "winter". It is goes from warm, to hot, to miserable to sultry. Maybe a few days sprinkled in that are cool, but that's it. I can guarantee for fact that what was said and portrayed in that commercial is fact where I am from - and damn proud of it. God Bless our farmers and ranchers

  2. Anonymous says:

    Like so many of you, I was impressed by the Dodge Ram Farmer commercial, the striking voice, the precise photos, the ringing eloquence. Of course I had to find out more about it....before I made the art, Please take a look at my blog at bereketdecor if you are interested, any way... The 1970’s marked a time when many small farmers like those depicted in the poem (So God made a farmer”) were losing their farms, as economic conditions destroyed their way of life. The trend continued; the fight never ended. When the commercial tag lines, “… to the farmer in all of us,” it is after the evocation of this symbol, so we can envision our complete devotion to our goal, what we love and cherish, overcoming any heartbreak, forging on in our chosen life....

  3. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous is obviously an ill inform urban dweller. I would offer the opportunity for he or she to attempt to keep up with the workload that I put in 12 months of the year. Not everyone can have a job where someone else writes your check, pays your health insurance, gives you paid vacation, 401K plans and puts up with poor work ethics as so many employee surf on their company owned computer along with playing games and texting on their cell phones all while believing they deserve more, Our wonderful government has tried to convince people into believing they can go through life having someone else pay their way by redistributing wealth and this is wrong. Wake up American, stop whining and pointing the blame at someone else and get to work. Lets see you stand on your own two feet. Nebraska Farmer

  4. Anonymous says:

    If you this this film is an accurate description of today's American farmer, you are sadly mistaken. ...maybe fifty years ago, but not today. Most farmers spend 6 months planting and harvesting crops and the other six months in their winter homes. Agriculture has become one of the most heavily government subsidized industries on the plant. Corn ethanol has made farmers filthly rich, thanks to taxpayers who have subsidized the biggest government "clean energy" scam in history.

  5. Anonymous says:

    How about developing a bumper sticker incorporating both Chrysler (Dodge) and farmers.