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EU Endorses Penalty On U.S. Ethanol

European Commission votes to enact import tariff

Published on: Dec 20, 2012

The European Commission Antidumping Advisory Committee, composed of representatives from the EU Member States, endorsed a 9.6% penalty on U.S. ethanol exports to Europe.

The announcement comes after an initial Dec. 6 proposal to instate the policy.

Following the announcement, Growth Energy and The Renewable Fuels Association issued a joint statement, noting that the vote was just one step in an ongoing process.

"While the Antidumping Advisory Committee has voted in favor of imposing an anti-subsidy duty on U.S. ethanol exports, this is one committee making a recommendation to a larger body and the matter is not final," RFA and Growth Energy said. "While we are troubled by the Commission's preliminary decision,  we remain convinced that this matter lacks the merit necessary for imposing such a duty and that, when all the facts are considered, the European Union will rightly decide not to impose any antidumping duties on imports of ethanol produced in the United States."

European Commission votes to enact import tariff
European Commission votes to enact import tariff