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CRP Decisions Made Simple

Run your own numbers before renewing your contracts.

Published on: Apr 9, 2012

Many Conservation Reserve Program contracts will expire over the next few years, offering the opportunity for renewal, or returning the ground to crops. Kansas State University developed a spreadsheet that calculates potential costs and returns for land owners and operators considering their options. The spreadsheet facilitates sound financial decisions utilizing specific revenue and cost figures for the land being considered, including a decision flow chart, annualized cost analysis, sensitivity and net present value analysis. Don’t follow someone else’s advice. Use this spreadsheet to determine the best option for your specific farm.

We’re featuring the spreadsheet as our Farm Futures Spreadsheet of the Month. The 287 kilobyte spreadsheet should work with Excel 2000, 2002, 2007, 2010 or Excel XP. You can download it by clicking on the link below.

Do you have a spreadsheet that’s made a difference on your operation that you’d be willing to share with other readers? Drop us a line at with a description of the spreadsheet. We’ll pay $75 if we feature your farmer-written non-commercial program as our Spreadsheet of the Month.

Download file: CRP Decision Tool.xls
Size: 299.008 KB (Kilobytes)
Created: 04/09/2012 09:43 AM
Last Modified: 04/09/2012 09:43 AM
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