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Animal Ag Alliance Conference To Focus on Ag Gag Legislation

Group extends invitation to political strategist Mary Matalin following her recent appearance in PETA video

Published on: Apr 16, 2013

The Animal Agriculture Alliance last week extended a formal invitation to Republican political consultant Mary Matalin to attend the 12th annual Stakeholders Summit to take place May 1-2 in Arlington, Va.

Matalin, working with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals recently starred in a video appeal regarding farm protection—or "ag gag" legislation.

This year's Summit, themed: "Activists at the Door: Protecting Animals, Farms, Food and Consumer Confidence," will place a heavy emphasis on undercover videos and farm protection legislation.

Alliance President and CEO Kay Johnson Smith sent Matalin a formal invitation to attend the Summit and hear from the speakers, who will address some of the food industry's most important issues.

Group extends invitation to political strategist Mary Matalin following her recent appearance in PETA video
Group extends invitation to political strategist Mary Matalin following her recent appearance in PETA video

"We hope that Ms. Matalin will take this opportunity to engage with actual farmers, ranchers and the organizations that represent the animal agriculture industry," Johnson Smith said. "We recognize that farm protection legislation is a complex and often emotional issue, and we hope that Ms. Matalin will consider the industry's perspective to be presented by this year's speakers."

Joe Miller, General Counsel for Rose Acre Farms will share his perspective on the importance of farm protection, and provide an overview of the various bills currently being considered by approximately eight state legislatures.

Other distinguished Summit speakers include Charles Penry of Tyson Foods; Janet Riley of the American Meat Institute; John Simpson, attorney for Feld Entertainment; and Greg Peterson, of the Peterson Farm Brothers Parodies.

"As a self-proclaimed meat eater, we hope that Ms. Matalin will embrace this opportunity to come and learn about the hard work put forth by the industry to improve and evolve in a changing world," said Johnson Smith. "The Alliance Summit is always a forum for industry to come together and share new proactive initiatives and discuss challenges and opportunities facing the industry—we invite Ms. Matalin to share in this discussion."

Registration materials are available online at

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If the agriculture industry is so open to including people to engage in a thoughtful discourse, why are they screening people from attending their conference? Emily Meredith, the Communications Director for the Animal Agriculture Alliance is conducting searches on all people registering for the conference and denying entry to anyone who appears to disagree with them. See this note from Ms. Meredith to people prevented from attending, even though they were willing to pay the $425 entry fee: “To ensure that this Summit provides an optimal educational experience for all attendees, your registration is subject to the Animal Agriculture Alliance's final approval, we reserve the right to deny registration to anyone who we feel will not aid our organization and industry stakeholders in positive, collaborative discourse."

  2. Anonymous says:

    Help prevent Ag Gag laws from passing! Sign & share the federal petition against Ag Gag laws at #AgGagBad

  3. Anonymous says:

    As long as the farming community keeps using headlines that blast the term "ag gag" the animal rights extremists will keep winning the game. You must stop using that term--you are helping them win.