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Alltech Launches U.S. Crop Science Division

New biological products to enter marketplace for soil, plant nutrition and crop protection.

Published on: May 23, 2012

Kentucky-based Alltech today introduced a line of crop science products to the U.S. market.

Up to now Alltech has been known for yeast-based products designed to serve nearly every segment of the animal industries and for its rapid worldwide expansion. This announcement of yeast-based "natural" products for crop growth and protection opens a more-or-less new venture for Alltech.

However, Alltech has in fact been involved in the development of the crop products it is now marketing through its partnership in a company formerly known internationally as Improcrop. Much of the development of the product line was done in Brazil, said Geoff Frank, CEO of Alltech Crop Science and a long-time partner in the company.

Alltech Launches U.S. Crop Science Division
Alltech Launches U.S. Crop Science Division

Frank said Alltech's line of products is entering a marketplace in need of new options. The European Union alone has delisted 600 of 1,000 registered pesticide active ingredients. He says these changes have opened the door for biological alternatives to bolster Integrated Pest Management.

Frank said he first began experimenting with some of Alltech's products 20 years ago and the company grew from that point, finally encompassing research on 69 cultivars in 29 countries.

Alltech Crop Science says its North American brand portfolio addresses each stage of crop development, providing plants with the right nutrition at the right time. All these products are liquid except for compost-aid which is a granular product. All are registered as fertilizers but are grouped by usage and application.

  • Soil-Set soil health products are designed to improve the soil profile. They are commonly applied preplanting, either into or on the soil or onto crop residue.
  • Compost-Aid is designed to accelerate compost decomposition and formation.
  • Liqui-Plex solutions are just coming onto the market. They are amino acid products, foliar-applied and will likely be tailored to specific crops, as they are in Brazil.
  • Agro-Mos is termed a product which provides "protection through nutrition." It can be applied either as foliar spray or on the soil. It appears to be eliciting a defensive response in the plants which makes plants better able to meet environmental challenges such as insects and disease.
  • Crop-Set, Grain-Set and Turf-Set are performance products designed to increase yield and overall plant health, plus improve marketable uniformity and quality in crops.

To learn more about Alltech's new crop science products go to the company website.