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Drought Monitor Reports Minor Improvements

U.S. Drought Monitor appears mostly unchanged this week

Published on: Oct 24, 2013

Only minor improvements in drought or dryness status were noted in many U.S. regions this week, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor, released Thursday.

Those minor improvements include a category improvement in southeast Oklahoma as well as some improvement to the D0 in Arkansas. Overall, however, deficits are approaching 4-6 inches below normal over the last few months in the south, including much of Texas.

In South Dakota, D1 was pushed out of eastern portions of the state; Nebraska's D0 and D1 conditions were pushed to the south along the entire northern border. A full category improvement was made in the panhandle of Nebraska as a further of assessment of recent precipitation events has the area recovering on multiple time scales.

U.S. Drought Monitor appears mostly unchanged this week
U.S. Drought Monitor appears mostly unchanged this week

Stronger improvements were noted in Colorado and portions of the Midwest.  The wet pattern in the West continued with upper elevation snows and lower elevation rains in both Colorado and Wyoming. In Colorado, D1 was improved in the northwest and southern portions of the state and into northern New Mexico.

Wyoming had widespread improvements as a reassessment of the last few months of precipitation prompted improvements to the D1 and D2 in the southwest portion of the state and a category improvement in the northeast.

Another week of widespread precipitation in the Midwest, namely Minnesota and Wisconsin, helped to ease concerns over dryness. Wisconsin, however, was left unchanged this week as local conditions are improving but not quite to the point of warranting changes to the drought status.

Drought Monitor Reports Minor Improvements

Source: U.S. Drought Monitor